An Indoor Plant Project

I want to look exactly like this. what do you think????

I want to try/do something different in our house to make it more homey, nice to look at and I will begin with our plants. Since all our plant had died when my mother moved to the other house. I’m planning to have my own small indoor plant. I will be the one doing the planting and making sure that the plant I plan to grow will grown the way it should be and not die in the process. This would be my first time to do this indoor plant thingy because I want to chance the look of our house little by little ;-). I’m not a home maker type of person but I want to chance it not because of any reason but I just want our house to be presentable and have that homey look despite living in a very crowded neighborhood.

Living in our previous neighborhood don’t give me a lot of space to do planting or to let my pets run around. Not with all the houses are very near and you can’t even smell fresh air because your neighbors firewall is taller than your house and imagine both sides of your house has a firewall. I can’t even apply for a satellite internet connection which is cheaper because the signal can’t pass thought and even cellphone signals are hard to find when I’m inside our house. And to make my house very homey regardless of all the noisy, crowded and not so environmental (wit all the plants, trees and big space) friendly place I want my house to be nice and not just plain house just by making my own indoor planting soon.

Materializing this plans is hard but I will make it easy and budget wise. I just have to clean and recycle all old plants and soil because when you live in a very crowded neighborhood, soil is a big issue. You see, I don’t have any choice, it’s either removed the died plants and use the soil or buy soil somewhere, and the latter is a very tiring thing to do since I don’t know where I can buy soil. I already buy my first long pot, I don’t like the single type because we already have that one and the long kind of pot is cute (for me) and save space. Then went to national book store to buy seedlings, I want to try their seedling. I hope it will work when I begin my homey small indoor garden tomorrow because I don’t have running water at this moment. LOL..


Worried for My Prince

I already send our dog prince to the vet for his vaccine and I already buy them shampoo and some treat for them as well. Keeping my pets happy is one the few things that make me happy too but lately I’ve been worried about my prince because his been having skin allergy. We already experience this when prince was one year old and now it comes back again. I wanted to send him again to the vet but I remember the last time we consult a vet about prince situation, it really cost a lot for the consultation and medicine.

And for the time being I just buy shampoo the helps prince situation and a med that I bought in the pet store. And gave them bath twice a week because everyday bath is not advisable for them. I just hope that this allergy will gone soon. I hate seeing the dog always scratching.


Back-up Plan

If you can’t afford to buy a home computer, complete with all the CPU and big monitor. A laptop is the very nearest alternative to that. And since I can’t afford to buy both home computer and laptop. My sister gave me her extra laptop because her husband bought her new one and I’m very much thankful to her (my sister) generosity.

I’ve been using that laptop ever-since I start blogging. It really helps me a lot of time, money and effort than using a rental computer in an internet cafe. I don’t have to go out to check if I have important emails and online business that needs my attention. Not only that, I can save all my favorite photos and can easily access it if I want to upload it right away to my online account. But the thing is, I already downloaded a few movies and save my past and present photos to that laptop’s hard drive. And my sister told me that, it’s not advisable to make your hard drive full because it will slow down the internet connection. If that is the case I need to consider buying extra hard drives for my laptop. If I have other hard drive connected to my laptop, I can transfer all the movies and photos into it and I can still download and save more photos. It’s a very smart decision and ways to have your file back-up because you’ll never know someone will accidentally delete it or sabotage your files. Better prepared than regret it later.


It’s Raining Inside Our House

NOT so early this morning, I decided to wash my clothes and clean the house because the weather is good. After the chores is done, it rain suddenly and not the slow rain or moderate rain and I’m not shock at all because it’s rainy season again. I just cover my wet clothes so it won’t wet by the rain. And putting a bucket in the area of the house that was leaking is not a problem anymore because that was fixed months ago. So, I was confident watching online movies because I know the house is safe from the rain but to my horror. My old room is leaking with I think the neighbor gutter’s rain and the AC in my new room was also pouring with so much rain water. All in all I was so consumed with frustration and anger because I know someone is missing up our roof again. Before the heavy rain, I heard some footsteps in our roof and I just know it’s not a cat. And I can’t confront that person because I don’t know which part of our house that has access to our roof.

And since I don’t have anything to do at the moment. I just put bucket again in the other room that was leaking and in my room because we don’t want another addition expenses to the house already long list of repairs anytime soon. I don’t really care about what our neighbors do or been doing but not caring for them doesn’t mean they can ruin your roof or part of your house just because your not so neighbor-ish to them, right?


The Big Pup is Back

Because conan needs to have a check up with the vet that is why the big pup is here in the house for a couple of days. I really don’t know how many days conan will stay in the house but it’s fine with me. I’ve been visiting him for the past days lately because the owner is very busy with his work this past few weeks. And my little pup is happy seeing again the big pup but my prince is not that happy. Well, maybe because conan now is really big, a 29 pounds 6 months old rottweiler pup compare to my little midget pup but after a few hours my prince is fine with the idea that the big guy mingling with them. hehehhe