Sassy and Family: It’s a Pets World

My first time to join Wednesday White meme. Hope I can gather more and more white photos. And my first entry is or are our pets particularly The white mother cat sassy. My sister adapted this cat when she still a baby. She assumed that it’s a stray cat and bring it at home with a wide smile. When sassy was pregnant I thought that the father is our dog prince and keep thinking what would the baby look like. hehehe!. But I was disappointed with the kittens was born it looks like the stray can I saw stealing food in our neighbor (Bad sassy, don’t know how to pick a handsome stray cat LOL) .


Early Christmas Gift From Lieza with LOVE

We just want to thank my sister who is very sweet to send us this sweet chocolate ever hehehe. I wanted to send some of this chocolate to my parents in gensan but maybe next time.

My father would really love to have one of this. He has sweet tooth I think because he really love sweets.

And this is an early present from her. At fisrt I want to give it to my father but maybe when he visit here again in CDO I would give it to him.. You know, he has few watch collection and maybe this one will add to it but for the main time I will wear it for show off purposes ngek.. LOL

Thank you shahz, till next gift… hoping cash… LOL


Smart Mind Perfect For Good Business

One of my cousin has a car-wash business while working in a private company as an automotive agent. The one that sells car accessories. He always said that it’s a family business, some of the employee are my other relatives or cousin. But after a few months of entertaining costumes mostly jeepney drivers and some are rich people. He found out that he can start another business like automotive. And I work with him as a secretary, for a few months the business is going bigger. He hired some of his friends, but that did not stop him from expanding. He is not only selling car accessories, but also different bearings, car parts, kids bicycle and many more. He is really bless for having that smart mind and talent to gamble all his saving for that business. And in the end all the efforts and handwork had paid off because he already owned a lots of cars and he can travel to other country if he wanted to.


My Friday Fill-Ins

I know I missed a few entry in Friday Fill Ins meme because I was in gensan then I got busy with this and that but hopefully I will never misses this meme again. Anyway my entry for this week…here we go!

1. One of my favorite things about December is the Christmas decorations all over the place and warm feeling hehe.

2. We don’t have new Christmas ornament(s)! :roll:

3. This is what I’m hoping for today/tonight: that PayPal money is ready to be withdrawn hehehehe .

4. What’s with the noise? neighbors. LOL

5. Ooh, a good and yummy dinner once I withdraw that money, whahehehe can’t wait.

6. Yesterday, I just keep our phone ringing! because I know it’s from PLDT and they want me to pay ahead of schedule again. Yay, hiding from them eh!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to going to divisoria for massage my back hurts badly, tomorrow my plans include I’m still thinking about it hehe and Sunday, I want to I’m still thinking about it.!

Christmas is very near 23 days to go go go…. Happy weekend guys..



My Sunglasses, My Eye Protection

Before, I’m not really into sunglasses like my sister, but since I already have problem with my eyesight, this sunglasses come in handy and eyeglass is not enough to protect me from the hot weather my head easily get hurt. So I just use my eyeglass when I’m inside our house or mall. But when I’m outside riding jeepneys and doing outside errands my sunglasses is very helpful for me to protect my eyes for the heat and dust that is lurking around the city. I have three sets of sunglasses, most of the time I use the one my sisters give me and I was thinking of buying a few this Christmas. I’m not really into brands, but if it’s cheaper why not a Bolle sunglasses, it would be a nice and useful gifts for my family especially my parents. Their eye protection since they always ride my father’s motorcycle when visiting my brother. And I think nowadays, it’s really advisable that we bring and wear sunglasses when going outside well, except for those countries that is snowing. It’s one way of pampering our eyes for dust and heat of the sun.