There has been a lot of talk lately about probiotic foods and how they are vital to your digestive health. If you are like most people,you are probably thinking that you have begun eating healthier and therefore you are already consuming ample amounts of prebiotic foods.

You are probably completely wrong in that assumption. Even the most health conscious people in who eat mostly a vegetable and grain based diet,would be hard pressed to consume enough prebiotic foods to get the recommended amount of prebiotics in your diet.

Although there is a range among experts for how much prebiotics you need per day to promote the best digestive heath, the consensus appears to be that you need around 8 grams as a maintenance amount, and 15 grams or more if you have active digestive problems – the amount increases dependent upon whether you already have issues related to an unbalanced digestive system.

If you have reoccurring constipation and bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, or other digestive system complication or problems the amount of probiotics for adult you need could double. While 25 to 30 grams of prebiotics doesn’t sound like much consider the quantities of the actual prebiotic foods you would need to eat in order to get that many grams of prebiotics. Here are a few examples:

Prebiotic Foods Digestive Limitations

In order to get the daily amount of prebiotics from some foods such as raw garlic and raw dandelion greens you would need to eat over an ounce of each every day. The problem with that is if you begin consuming an ounce of garlic each and every day, you better be prepared to create major acid reflux problems.

As for raw dandelion greens,since these greens are best eaten in spring,you probably would not be eating a dandelion green salad every day year-round. In addition, dandelion greens can be a powerful diuretic when eaten on a daily basis,so you will need to drink a lot of extra water to avoid becoming dehydrated.

There are similar issues with other prebiotic foods, related to getting enough prebiotics through diet – and that is further complicated from the situation that much of the prebiotics quantity may be in the inedible parts of the food, like the stems or the skin.

Prebiotic Foods Are Not Enough For Your Digestive Health

Of course if you really love asparagus you may be in ‘luck’. You ‘only’ need to consume 1/4 of pound of raw asparagus every day in order to get the right amount of prebiotics – that is per 6 grams of prebiotics, which means that you would need 2/3 of a pound to get 15 grams. And of course, you need to keep in mind that you would have to eat this amount 365 days a year. That is a lot of asparagus,which would leave you with less room for other nutritious foods your body also needs.

The simple fact is that it is almost impossible to incorporate enough prebiotic foods in the normal diet to give you the amount of prebiotics your digestive systems needs. There is an easier way to get those prebiotics,without adding limitations and extra calories to your diet, forcing yourself to eat unreasonable amounts of prebiotics foods. You can take a good prebiotic supplement, and that will supply you with prebiotics your digestive system needs.

Research shows that taking a prebiotic supplement malaysia delivery made from the whole kiwifruit is probably the most effective and efficient way to get your daily allotment of prebiotics. So go ahead and enjoy those prebiotics foods that you like in reasonable quantities – and then be sure to take a good kiwifruit prebiotic supplement to ensure that you get all the prebiotics your digestive system needs.