Friday Fill.Ins

And…here we go!

1. How in the world did I get in this situation, i was fine before.. ?:-) .

2. My Laptop is in front of me.

3. Life’s boring if you don’t enjoy it.

4. I never did experience but I want to try picnic lunch.

5. That was where we first meet, now it’s changing.

6. I’m too slow, I can’t relate I think of as “our place”.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to ride the the sea dragon at the carnival, tomorrow my plans include roaming around in the divisoria and eat proven ’till I’m full and Sunday, I want to attend the 7pm mass then go window shopping again!


Card Reader Not Working

Last year, my sister bought this card reader device for us to use because some of our camera’s SD card don’t match the laptop’s SD reader. I don’t know if they got to use this after buying, I was at work when they try this at home but when my past employer need a device to upload some photos of their proposal to be send via email I offer my help and told them that we have a card reader at home, I can borrow the device to my sister if they like. But when I bring our card reader to the office the following day, my co-worker who is the one assign to upload the photos told me that it didn’t work, I was shock because it was new, how come it won’t work. And when I got home after work, I told my sister that their card reader was not working and she just reply! really?. I guess they don’t test the item they bought to the shops service center, now I have to buy new card reader because the only camera I have that is working is the one that have small SD card. Too bad my sister wasted her money for a card reader that dint last just for a week.

And I look for it again today hoping that it will work this time so I can upload our photos last night when I went to the carnival and ride their roller coaster but I just disappoint my self :no: , the computer didn’t recognize the USB device that’s installed. Better luck next time, or I just wait ’till my sister she’s camera arrived. wink ;-)


What’s Your Sign?

I’m reading the book my sister brought us about astrology and was entertained a bit, it said that astrology is the world’s oldest science that have found star charts made by Egyptian astrologers in 4200 b.c.!. The everyone is born at a certain time, in a certain spot. Our birth is a burst of energy, which fuses with a surrounding force field. The force field is made up of the position of the sun, the moon, and the planets at the exact moment of your birth. All these things together mean that you are a physical linked to the solar system as anything you see around you.

Just like when Jesus was born, the tree kings followed the stars to witness the born of our savior. And sometimes I relay on my horoscope about things. I did subscribe to daily horoscope in my FB. And because I’m a LIBRA, special time: September 23-October 22 born when day and night hours are perfectly equal, complete balance! In the old days this was the time of the year when scaled ruled. Weighted crops and grains on scale after harvesting them. Libra loves everyone to enjoy.
Awesome Traits: Charmer of the zodiac, diplomatic, peace-loving,sensitive,idealistic,appreciative, thoughtful, artistic,sociable, and passionate about justice and most likely like dogs and cats.

I only want to put the good things. hehehe.


Being an Employee

Working in a company is hard, especially if you have a boss that never treat you the way you should be treated. Will except for those bosses who really care for their employees welfare, giving the benefits that’s really for them, give extra bonuses for their employees, like some of the company I know who provides monthly allowances for their employees, issuing them with rice and groceries, will I don’t really know if that is a salary deduction though. And I once work at a company that allows us to buy the products we’re selling in a low price, it’s like an organization of us employees, a
Employee Purchase Program Event that gives us employees the benefits when dealing with financial situation.

But most of us want to have our own business but having the money that is needed is difficult but maybe when make the efforts, we’ll often discover the most important thing is to stay focus, stay open to possibilities and just have some good old talk with the expert.


Gadget Addict

Who doesn’t want to have a new gadget that let you communicate with your Family and friends all the time, anywhere or everywhere you are. I will be the first one to rise my hands, we all want to have that gadget. I have friend in high school who is selling different gadget cellphone, ipad, laptop, netbook. camera and she’s been asking me if I want to buy one of her tablet, telling me their brands and features. Just like this new brand of tablet
Eee Pad Asus I’m not really familiar with this new brand of tablet and I’m not also familiar with it’s features. So for the time being I will search online about this and see the difference with the other.