Try and Try Until you Succeed

For weeks now I’ve been going back and fort to different internet subscriber, maybe this is my karma. It’s our 3rd try to subscribe to different kind of internet company provider and I’m still not satisfied with all of them, will the two of them the connection is okay but the monthly payment is the problem, It’s to expensive so I decided to cut it and the other one is a broadband but my sister lose it somewhere in my older sisters friends place when she went there and pick some things and the last one was the one i recently return because they have very poor connection, so I told my sister that we will re connect our old internet subscriber the one that uses a modem but the sad part was when I went to their office to settle it, they told me that their are no internet port available in our area, what a sad news. So now I have no choice but to look and look, It’s my fault in the first and hopefully I could find a fast and efficient internet connection. So for now I have to endure going to an internet cafe AGAIN to update and update more, good luck to me, ’till next time.


Blog Makeover by Grace

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Gain Pounds

My boyfriend and I have been together for more than three years now and we’ve gain pounds in the last couple of years. I look obvious with the extra pounds while my boy friend looks the same because he work out all the time. He is a gym instructor. He doesn’t use any pills when he works out and can easily burn the fat whenever he gain some pounds. I asked him one time if he can suggest any best weight loss pills that really works to me but he said I don’t need it. All i have to do is go to the gym with him and I sure lost that extra pounds. The problem is I am too lazy to go to the gym. I guess when we get older body also changes. I should minimize and watch my diet otherwise I will look fat.


Driving and Direction

I worked in my cousin’s company before. He was selling used car, car parts and accessories. My job was to run errands, answers phone calls and do some auditing. My cousin wanted to promote me to do field work but the problem was I do not know how to drive yet and aside from that i am not so familiar with some places in the Mandaue Cebu, area . During that time, gps handheld garmin still expensive and no one using it. But now most drivers are using such gadget to give them direction. My sister in Vegas is so dependent with gps and she’s been driving her car for over a year now I think. Anyway, I wanted to get a student permit because my friend offered to teach me driving. I had a few hands on but the driving lessons was not enough for me to drive by myself. After couple of years working in my cousins company I decided to quit and come back here in Cagayan.



In most cases we follow this cycle as to what life should be and prepare ourselves with the challenges in life. This cycle supposed to be school, work and marriage. When we were little, our parents already laid out to us their plans for our future. These plans are finish school, find a great job, start dating and get married. We are not required to follow this cycle but this is what’s expected to happen. Meanwhile, I am not really sure if I failed with life or there is another path I should take so I will see my worth. I want a regular job so I can go back to school and finish a four year degree. I only finished a two year degree in college but most company I applied to is looking for a four year degree course as job qualification. My sister offered me to help out with the tuition so I can proceed in finishing my four year, but I refuse, I wanted to go back to school but I don’t want to burden them in paying big amount of money for me, and asking money from them from every time is not part of my plan in order for me to achieve my goal and also Now that I’m in my early thirties i sort of scared to go back to school. I don’t like failure and I do not want to see myself failed but seems like I’m heading to that direction. I am jobless, I can’t go back to school because i don’t have savings and I’m kind of lazy in looking for a job but I don’t have a choice but to chase rainbow in the sky, that’s what I hear in writing this post and just like the song, it’s really impossible to do but I’m praying that someday I could overcome all of this trials.