Family Talk

My older brother had been the breed winner of this family for a very long time. My father lost his job in 1998 and the money he got from his work as separation pay was used to sent us to school. I’m glad that my brother got a very good job abroad that able to support our family. My parents right now are just depending on my Dad’s pension.

My brother however has been looking for a good insurance for my parents. They need to switch their insurance provider for some reason. He asked me to look online for affordable insurance. This is part of the reason why I am online right now. I am at this website right now read and comparing insurance rate. I still have to tell my brother about it as he is the one going to pay for it. A family talk will be necessary before making such decision.


It’s Raining

Summer is over in our part of the world but we live in a tropical place, so technically still summer here because of the heat. However, lately has been raining so hard. we are lucky that our area is not hit with most rain and far from the affected area.

Living in the city is way different than living in the country. I remembered back then when we will still lived in the camp, my sister’s went camping with the whole class. It was actually a voluntary camp but who wouldn’t want to miss this fun and exciting experience. You get to stay in a camp site for a day or five, then stay in Copper Spur Tent or any tent that they can borrow. When we moved out from that place, out lives had never been the same again.

There are still camping activity in the elementary school. My sister used to be a teacher and she would asked us to come with her to the camping area where her pupils were camping. I wish I experienced that camping when I was a little. Anyway, like i said it’s been raining hard lately so I’m guessing no one went on camping. I think camping activity usually begin around October.


Prince and Princess-ish

We envy our sister rachael because she can visit our nephew and niece in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, my parents have a grandchildren here also in the Philippine and my parents can visit them anytime they want because they live here. When the wife of my older brother give birth to their granddaughter Julienne my mother was there and when my younger brother’s wife give birth also to their grandson Xavier Isaac my mother requested my parents to be their also and my parents is very willing to travel from Cagayan de Oro to Davao to General Santos just to see their grandchildren and they watch their grandchildren a few months before the mothers of my niece and nephew take over but it’s different with this two little dragons as what my sister mostly refer to her children Jake and Justine. They only saw them in pictures and when we vediochat before we have an internet connection. And when my parents arrive home yesterday I told them that my sister jijie invite the family to visit her in Las Vegas and my mother was trilled to saw some of their picture and force me to go online to see their Vegas photos.

and this is a photo of their two grandchild with my sister rachel, the princess-ish because my sister always tease her and called her princess or Donya.. They sure have a great time exploring Las Vegas.


Fun Talk

It’s been a while since the last time I talk to my beloved sister, now she is in abroad working hard to survive. And with her going away and I’m here alone, I’m kind of missing her, especially when every time she keeps asking me about her extra fats, that what should she do to loss her baby fats that is overdue and now that her friends are renting our extra room, will because I live alone and my sister suggested to let her friends stay in the house for me to have some extra income to pay for the bills and at the some time have a companion. And since her friends are also a criminology graduate and the other one is planning to apply in the government and they also have the some delima like my sister, sometimes they ask me what is the other solution to loose some extra fats and since I’m not an expect I always make fun of them and told them to buy weight loss pills, and smile at them, how would I know I’m not an gym instructor but I’m not suggesting it to them to, I’m just making fun of them. it’s still their decision if they make a serious though about it.


A Quick Visit

Lately I’ve been having hard time updating and visiting other blogs and my blogs but today I got the little chance to visit, will, thanks to my border who is a friend of my sister who is in kuwait right (no connection at all),LOL, she suggested that she will pay the extra half hour because my plan is use the computer only half hour because school is already starting and I believe all the internet cafe are increasing their rent/hour especially those who are near the school and unfortunately I am right now renting near the school premises and I can only consume half hour for now, it’s not that I don’t have budget but I have to be wise in spending my allowance because my budget is really tight this month due to some unexpected expenses. Again, hopefully everything will turn out good next month so I could submit my application for the internet connection and to bad I can only visit my own no enough time to visit others, Hehehe my apology.