Friday Fill-ins

And…here we go!

1. Pardon me, for saying this, you look ugly in that dress .

2. In telling the obvious i got a good deal. :laugh:

3. I was surprised to find that I really like yellow Mellon than the usual water Mellon, im eating it right now.

4. Aside watching cartoons, eating is one of my favorite forms of entertainment.

5. Hi, my name is shahz and I’m God fearing and lovable.;-)

6. I love to go out on a summer afternoons. To have fun.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to checking my paypal, tomorrow my plans include try to visit Guadalupe for the holyweek and Sunday, I want to attend the mass!

GOD Bless!..


Learning Makes easy

As i was surfing the net, trying to find an interesting site to read and to entertain my self for the boring day i’m experiencing, i didn’t notice that i click something in the article i’am reading and that caught my interest. Its about online schooling, i got hook-up so i read some more and caught my eyes of their offered course. I got excited because maybe this is like a blessing in disguise for me, i’ve been asking my mother that i wanted to study again but she keeps on ignoring me, now maybe i will have my chance in pursuing my old plan and that is to go to school again and learn more and find good job someday. And Thanks to internet technology i discover chiropractic technician school i don’t have to wait to a long line for me to registered, just a click and i’m all done.


Nostalgic Thursday

Halo again! it’s been so long since the last time we wrote something in this meme, we run out of thing to say, so now we’re back in action. Nostalgic Thursday here we are again. Lol

This pictures was taken so many years ago, when my two older siblings are still staying here in the Philippine. i miss the old time when we tease each other or just lying in our room and read tagalog pocketbook till dawn. we always do that everytime my sister racheal bought a pocketbook.

Our first out of town adventure way back 1995. The four of us having a good time.

sometimes we take picture of our self if we have nothing else to do, just goofing around making funny faces
just to amuse our self and now the two of in the states and the other one is going abroad to work so its going to be me alone, maybe i should find a husband someday… Lol
Happy Days!… our entry for this Nostalgic Thursday meme


Perfect Lighting

When choosing an outdoor lighting for you house or even in your office its important that you choose what really is convenient and appropriate. And when you say outdoor lighting the best place to search for the best lighting is online, you don’t need to go to a mall or any store to shop just one click you can choose all kinds of outdoor lighting you want and its very useful and practical also in this time because you cannot always say that our houses and offices will be safe from the unwanted visitors especially burglar. That way our houses will be secure and aside from being secure you can also make your house beautiful by choosing the perfect lighting for you.


My sister’s Dream

They always say that education is one of the precious thing our parents can give that will never be lose or stolen from us and my sister is very much agree to that. When I was in high school my sister would always told me that if I go to college I should study hard and never settle for a vocational course only because she doesn’t want me to experience what she had been though in finding a good job. Graduating in college with bs degree can help a lot in searching for a stable jobs that pays well. Most of the company she applied to were looking for a four year degree holder. They won’t hired college graduate with a two year courser or an undergraduate applicant. If she can turn back time she would want to finish a bachelor degree in college. Now that finished my BS in Criminology I do hope and dream to be a part of that PNP force someday.