Fashion Accessories

My mother is already 54, at her age she loves to have a get together with her friends, especially when they have a prayer meetings or just meeting with their church member’s family. And every time she has the chance to visit the mall she always go to the jewelry accessories section to find a pair of earrings or set of jewelry for her to wear to a certain occasion. I’m thinking of looking that i would want to buy for my mother and added to her set of accessories to wear. Aside from being trendy and fabulous you can also personalize your own design and add your favorite lucky charm, you already have beautiful accessories and luck in one.


ABC Wednesday- N for Nieces and Nephews

We join this meme long time ago but stop for a while Now where back again. Lol. And this is our first entry for the second time around!,.

My N iece and N ephews from my 3 siblings. Start up from our oldest brother who live in Cebu, The oldest Nephews and Nieces Leomar Adrian and Leonor Andrea followed by Badotdot (don’t remember the his real name we just call him that.):-)

Then our Niece Juleane the daughter of our brother next to the oldest who lived in Davao, my sister took this photo of her when she went to davao last week.

and last but not the less our Nephew Jake the oldest son of my sister who’s in Pittsburgh Pennsylvanian and our Niece Justine her youngest daughter. :-)

I guess that will be all for my ABC Wednesday- with the Letter N .


Watery Wednesday

hello once again my fellow meme fanatic! it’s quit a while,since the last time we join this Watery Wednesday meme because we’ve been busy familiarizing our new home. Lol! so here’s our entry for this days meme, hope we’re still welcome.. Lol. :shy:

This is our high school batch 1998 reunion, old friends, crushes, enemies and don’t forget the teachers together again for so many years. We rented the whole place along the beach for our reunion so all of us will enjoy the event peacefully, it’s located somewhere in opol here in Cagayan de Oro. We have plenty of beaches here in Cagayan but we chose this place because it’s private and one of my batch knows the owner so we got some discount and also for their family to take a swim if they wanted to.


Sassy the Cat

This is our other cute pet cat Sassy, she always running around the house since my sister bring her in. She always sleep beside me even if i trow her our in my bed or kick her because she bit me always, maybe she thinks im her mommy and most of the time she just sleep on top of our ref or in my bed and mind you she eat dog food not cat food. And here is here cut pic.

Her new bed and play pen.

she is responsibly for that hole in the box.

Sleepy again after playing with the dog prince.

Teasing prince. hehehe :waving: :waving:


Second Haircut

Our adorable and cute little pet dog (he’s no longer our little puppy because his already 1year old and i don’t know the months) prince charming on her second haircut, courtesy of his two beautiful master. Last week we decided to cut the hair of our dog prince just to make him less hairy because every time my mother has a visitor they always notice his hair, they said he looks like a rug (trapo in our dialect) and we wanted to bring him to a grooming shop just like the first time but we don’t have enough money to pay for a groomer so we just cut it our self. And i think he doesn’t like the outcome.. :sidefrown:

The side view.. hehehe! i just force him to look at the camera but he look away. we did not cut the tail part my sister wanted it that way..

The lying down position, his always like this everytime he doesn’t want to be disturb.

The other side view… uneven cut but who cares he always stay inside the house anyway.. lol :sweat:

And this is the overall cut. he looks cute anyway.. love you prince! peace.