Hoping and Praying

I am going to manila this coming week because i have to report to the agency for processing the papers so that o could work in abroad, I am a bit scared because we don’t know what will happen. I just wished that there will not be any problems with my papers and this blessing well continue forever.. hehehehe Ive been waiting for this to come because i’ve been jobless for two years now and i am so excited to work. I just want to be useful in the world. :-)


Step Stool

We clean our house everyday but not all the parts of our house like the ceiling, walls and top corners because those places are hard to reach. We even find it hard when putting and removing the curtains in the higher position. So we uses tables, chairs or anything that we stand on, and we all know that it is not safe. There was one time that we painted our room, my sister stood on top of the chair and it cracked and broke down. She got bruises in her leg down to her feet. The medical step stools is the one that we need right know because we will re paint again our room including our dining area and we don’t want to have that accident again. Its expensive but me and my sister is really planning to buy this stool. We will have to save more money now for us to buy this because it surely is useful in the house.


One of a Kind Friend

This is one of my closest friend her name is Ma. Celeste I call her maria, She hates it at first but she got use to it. Anyway we’ve been friends since i was in my 3rd year in college and until now we still hang out. This is one of the outing that we shared together, we go to Langonglong its in the province of Misamis Oriental. I saw one time in the TV that when you go somewhere and you found a big or old tree you have to hug it so that all the negative vibes that is in your body well transfer to the tree, I tell her about it and she reacted at first but she do it and that is why she had that big laugh because she feel ashamed of herself for reacting badly abut still she follows what i say.. hehehehe so funny…:-)


Powder helps to loss Weight

I am really a big woman my waist line is 30 and my size is Large, I’ve been trying to loss weight many times, They said i have a big bones that is why i look big, its hard for me to loss weight and it is so easy to gain weight even i don’t eat in three days i still don’t loss weight, me and my friends wants to be fit and we do jogging trice a week because we want to have a good figure, to look good and of course to be healthy. I already drink those slimming tea and supplements just to achieve the weight and figure that i want but sad to say it didn’t work out. I saw
sensa its the new way of losing the weight, its a weight loss product that advertises weight loss without dieting, exercising, or supplements. It comes in a white powder form that uses to sprinkle on the food that we eat and it produce the sensory specific satiety which means When a person eats his or her taste and smell receptors signal the brain to release hormones signifying a full feeling. Amazing right!! we really don’t underestimated the new technology.


Tool Supplies

My father have the mannerism to tinker, i don’t know if its a mannerism actually or its already their ability. Anyway, he loves his tools that he don’t want us to use it without asking him first and he put it in a place were we cant find it. I don’t really know what those tools are use for. All i know is that one of the most useful tools are the cutting tools. This can be useful for anything from grass to any hard materials that needs to be cut. from small to big materials. If you have a lawn that grass needs to be cut we always find this tool and when we want to cut those branches from the trees that is in our backyard this tool is what we seek. if there are wires that needs to fixed and to be cut we find fliers, will never get wrong if we chooses the right tools that we want to use for cutting. My father likes to used this tools because he has a motorcycle and he loves to make things or experimenting things.