Best Supplement

Some says that Creatine is the best supplement ever invented next to steroids. But there are lots of debate going on, about Creatine and its effects. One thing is for sure is that it can help you gain size and strength at no time, following the right procedure in taking the said supplement. Some studies shows that its best to take creatine supplements with grape juices rather than caffeinated drinks, because grape juices contains insulin which help creatine circulate your bloodstream faster. The sooner it finishes circulating the faster your body will feel the result especially your strength will increased. This is the information I have learned reading about the said supplement. It actually quite interesting because all I knew was coffee helps in losing weight, and I also knew that juice is better drink to include in your diet. Honestly, I never like grape juice, but if it helps to lose some of my unwanted fats, maybe I slipped this one out.



In every stages of our life we meet many people. When we are young we have plenty of playmates, when we reach adolescent we meet people who we call “friends” with out knowing what the meaning of it because we just hang out with anyone so you can have your own group or you join groups so that you won’t feel alone, when we become adults we tend not to care because of the struggles or we are busy thinking of our own problems of what we want and what direction we would like to take. We meet friends that stays and leaves us. Mine they stayed for me even though they had big problems of their own. They comfort me when my Boyfriend leaves me without proper explanations, they joined me when i wanted to get drunk so that i can forget the pain and they gave me the advice so that i can move-on. I don’t know how to define the word FRIEND. but i know what it feels to have a good friends.:-)


Fast Forward to Fitness

Physical appearance is very important to all of us, weather your male or female we see to it that we look great to other people’s eyes, especially to our love ones and also to be Physically fit in our chosen career like my sister she is a criminology graduate and really wants to be a cop someday and in order for her to be one she has to maintain her weight for her to do the agility test. That is required for them and right now she gain a little weight and she already try going to the gym, jogging and diet but still no effect, then one of her friend who work abroad told her about adapexin-p to look it up on e-bay for us to have less effort on searching what the best diet pills that we could try.


Big Brother’s Collection

I checked my Facebook today and I saw some photos of my niece and nephew that my sister uploaded couple of days ago. I love all my niece and nephew but the one in the states are the cutest. We long to see these kids someday and give them a hug and shower them with kisses. Anyway, I saw the big truck that my nephew got on his birthday which has similar look with my brother’s remote car or truck collection.

My brother is already 35 years old and once in a while when he comes home from oversea work contract he sometimes plays with his remote truck. I am not sure if that truck is called rc trucks electric, but all I know it looks exactly the one in the photo above. If I have the chance I’ll take a picture of it so you guys can see. My mother told him to maybe give that truck to his nephew in Cebu City but my brother said no. Th story why he bought that toy truck was, when we were little we never got the chance to play with a real toy because it was so expensive to buy toys back then. That is why he decided to buy that truck right on his first salary as remembrance as well.


Happy and Ecstatic

First of, I would like to thank the top online site that provide great opportunity to new bloggers like me and my sister. I was happy and ecstatic to see the assignments in our dashboard today. Mostly is for health that is related to growth hormones for men that naturally increase testosterone. I don’t think both my brothers would need this as they both have not look fat. Well, yeah they have big tummy but it’s not that bad. I’m sure they will lose it if they will work harder in the gym. Anyway, other assignment we got was about beauty and other stuff. I really am so thankful for this opportunity. I had a busy day today because i follow up the smart broadband that i applied to get our Internet connection back. Good thing the internet cafe is so expensive as it only cost us 14 pesos per hour.