The best trends from Fall 2010 Fashion Week

Would you like to get updated with latest fashion and beauty? Well then, check out the I just read from the said site with regards to the new fashion in coming Fall of this year. As Fall 2010 Fashion Week comes to a close in New York, designers have blaringly hit over the head with some exciting, gorgeous, and wearable trends can’t wait to step into come September. So, fashion gal just hang in there and be ready of the latest good stuff.

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Photo by: Alexa for Madewell, Alexander Wang, Charlotte Ronson, Nanette Lepore, Zac Posen / Getty Images


Velvet is one of those fabrics you either love or you hate. Thinking back on the crushed-velvet tops we wore in the past, we can’t help but cringe, but a black velvet blazer can be stunning! This season dozens of designers used the lush fabric in very creative ways. Does this make us want to drape ourselves in velvet like George Costanza on “Seinfeld”? Kind of! And this fall we will have loads of options to choose from. This information brought to you By Joanna Douglas, Shine Staff.


My Name Means…

L : Everyone loves me
I : I really like to drink
E : I am not judgmental
Z : Always ready
A : I like to drink

This thing is really true I would say. Try it yourself, get the meaning of your natal name. Enjoy


A : You like to drink.
B : You like people.
C : You are really silly.
D : You like to drink.
E : You are not judgmental.
F : You are dead sexy.
G : You never let people tell you what to do.
H : You have a very good personality and good looks
I : You really like to drink.
J : People adore you.
K : You’re wild and crazy.
L : Everyone loves you.
M : Best kisser ever.
N : You are great in bed.
O : Easy to fall in love with.
P : You are popular with all types of people.
Q : You are a sweet.
R : You’re loyal to those you love.
S : Fuckin crazy.
T : awesome kisser.
U : You really like to chill.
V : Awesome in bed
W : You are very broad minded.
X : You love sports.
Y: Best bf/gf anyone could ask for.
Z : Always ready.


Tagalog Pockebooks Collection

Two of my sisters hobby are collecting Tagalog Pocketbooks. My sissy Jijie, had tons of pocketbooks in her house back in Vegas that she sells. But since she was busy, she forgets about it. My other sissy Weng has millions of tagalog pocket books in our house. If she chose between her boyfriend and pocketbook she will choose the later. That is how obssessed she is with pocketbooks. One time my father yelled at her and she thought of running away she packed the pocketbooks first that her clothes. Both of my sister can survived the days with out eating as long as they have pocketbooks to read. Imagine that, aren’t they crazy? If there is a term for alcohlic, shopaholic, workaholic, right now I invented the term pocketbookyholic. LOL.


Gorgeous Brothers

I am proud to say that I do have gorgeous Sister and Brothers. I am the youngest in the family but I am not spoiled. Sometimes I act like the older one and take responsiblities seriously. Anyhow, I want to share my two gorgeous brothers. The both have successful career.

My brother Julius “Yoyong” works as a seaman overseas. He is our bread winner as he support our family and sent us to college. My father was got paid from his job when I was in high school. So when my brother got a job, he paid most ofmy tuition fee. He is the best brother even. I love you yong.

My older brother Alex “Boloy” is the second from the youngest. Since we are next to each other we spent most of our times together when we were little. He was the one protecting me from any bully back when we were still young. He is one successful handsome stud with successful career. He is not living with us since college. He comes home once in a while and he is also supporting my parents needs now that he has good job as manager in one of the prestigious establishment in our country. I missed both of my brother and my sister. I love you also boloy. Take care.


Women’s room

On a flight to Chicago, a gentleman had made several
attempts to get into the men’s restroom, but it had always been occupied.

The flight attendant noticed his predicament. “Sir”,
she said, “You may use the ladies room if you promise not to touch any of
the buttons on the wall.”

He did what he needed to, and as he sat there he noticed the buttons he had promised not to touch. Each button was identified by letters: WW, WA, PP, and a red one labeled ATR. Who would know if he touched them?

He couldn’t resist. He pushed WW. Warm water was sprayed gently upon his bottom. What a nice feeling, he thought. Men’s restrooms don’t have nice things like this.

Anticipating greater pleasure, he pushed the WA button. Warm air replaced the warm water, gently drying his underside. When this stopped, he pushed the PP button. A large powder puff caressed his bottom adding a fragile scent of spring flowers to this unbelievable pleasure. The ladies restroom was more than a restroom, it was tender loving pleasure.

When the powder puff completed it’s pleasure, he couldn’t wait to push the ATR button – which he knew would be supreme ecstasy.

Next thing he knew he was in a hospital and as soon
as he opened his eyes, a nurse was staring down at him with a smirk on her
face. “What happened?” he exclaimed. “You pushed one too many buttons,” replied
the nurse. The last button marked ATR was an Automatic Tampon Remover.

Your penis is under yourpillow.”

Men Never Listen.

This is one funny joke sent to me by my sister. It cracked the hell out of me. So, guys listen and don’t over used any facilities inside the plane bathroom. LMAO