Dryer Repair; Can I fix it!

The first time that I personally look for an electrician is when the house circuit breaker was busted. The parents did not bother to replace it when they bought the house, so it is an old and cheap circuit breaker. It only takes an hour or even minutes if the electrician is an expect and he can earn a per day minimum. If I know something about electricity, it would be a big help because most of the appliances in the house needs fixing very badly.

The old TV, I can’t replace it because I don’t have budget for that, so it needs repair, the water heater which is very helpful for me once it is fix it, and the washing machine particular the side if you want the clothes to wear right away. I badly needed a dryer repair so I can easily wash and wear that clothes that I want to wear every day. Hanging it outside takes a lot of my time and strength and waiting for hours to dry it can be tiring. That is why we bought a washing that has a dryer on it so everything will be faster and easier but how can I enjoy it if it is not working!

That time, I said to myself, maybe I should take a short course about fixing wiring’s and stuff because I don’t need to hire an electrician and it sure there is money if you know how to repair broken thing most especially things that uses electricity.


Package has arrived and they’re busy with it

I was asking my mother few days ago if they already received the package my older sister sent because the sister is also asking if that package is already received by the parents. We need to monitor it so my sister can inquire the carrier why the package is not yet received. Then, just recently, my mother called me and said they just got the package containing a couple of bed-sheets, toys, and clothes. And here it is, the parents photo while busy unpacking that package with a little help with the cute nephew isaac.


Lola and isaac getting curious!!!…

Lolo and Lola with isaac that is busy watching the TV not the toys in front of him.. hehehe
Wow! a train toy and lola is (i think) trying to read the instructions on how to assemble it!.
Cute hat isaac..


Sissy’s antics

This is what she always do when there is a camera around and she is bored, taking pictures of herself in different pose and face expression. My other siblings will just laugh at her because even if she is in a difficult situation and she is holding a camera, she will take photos of herself in that position.

She and my mother will always argue when it comes to using the camera because my mother also love to bring and take picture of her religious activities, and the sissy’s want’s to bring the camera also everywhere she go’s. And before she fly to Kuwait, she broke the camera and my mother was really upset that time. Good thing my brother give her a new camera. My mother won’t even let me borrow that camera and the sissy also bought her own camera. Surely this time, they don’t need to argue on who will bring the camera. They can take picture of themselves anywhere and everywhere they want.


A Little Girl and the Band

I was watching a show the other day and it was fun watching the five-year-old girl-asking question to her guest-singing band. The little girl is witty, funny, and smart. The guest bands who are a family of singer’s enjoy answering the little girls question about the band’s experience in the music industry. It was entertaining watching the little girl and listening to that band’s music. I still remember that I always sing their song until now if my friends and I sing in a videoke bar.

It’s amazing that their whole family is very talented. Three of them really sing well with all the high notes and spectacular voices while some of them know very much about playing the guitar, drums and keyboards. All of them are cool playing the musical instruments. I don’t know if the keyboard is the mpk25 from musicians friend because it looks like the one I saw online. You can see the capability, and flexibility of the keyboard while looking at the person playing the instrument. It really is fun if you know how to play a musical instrument.


Wonderful Outdoor Playground

How wonderful it is to have this kind of children’s playground in our backyard or in our front yard. A outdoor playground where your children, and your children’s friend can enjoy playing. You don’t need to go out and look for a nice and safe playground where your children can enjoy playing. However, we have to be practical; having this kind of playground needs a lot of money and a big lot. That is why I just have to dream about this kind of playground. I don’t have children yet but this would be perfect for my pets dogs. They can run around and play. I don’t have to walk them for their exercise because they can run inside this huge playground. And the exciting part is that, maybe we can have a picnic or camping escaped in it.

By the way, the playground above is one of the attractions in Dahilayan. I took that photo few months ago. The NPA did not attack camp Philips that time. I wonder now if it’s still safe to visit dahilaya knowing that the NPA are just lurking around the place.