What the FOOD LABEL doesn’t tell

We always read the labels of the food we buy for our family because we want them to eat healthy food especially the kids. And we trust that everything is written in the labels but what about those hidden or other term.
As I was ready this article about diet and nutrition. It says that if a label says zero trans fats, we should not take it literally or lightly. FDA rules let a manufacturer market a food as having no trans fat if it contains less than half a gram per serving. To find the truth we should read the ingredients list.
If it includes “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil,” the food has a small amount of trans fat even the label says zero. The higher u on the list the mention occurs, the more trans fat it has. (Remember, too that “one serving” can be very small; the amount you actually eat will likely rack up even more fat.)
Sometimes the ingredients label trans fat by using a word that mask the truth. So we should be vigilant and observant in buying foods for our family. We just want our family to be healthy and strong right?


Balearic Island Breaks: Ibiza, Menorca and Majorca Holidays

Balearic Island holidays are particularly convenient for UK travellers. Located just two hours from most of Britain’s main airports, Ibiza, Menorca and Majorca holidays are the best quick escape to faraway shores.

Whatever type of traveller you are and whoever you choose to venture abroad with, there is an island and a resort for you. Balearic Island holidays are so diverse in style, from quaint port towns to some of the world’s biggest clubbing capitals.

Located just off the east coast of Spain, Ibiza, Menorca and Majorca holidays are particularly Mediterranean in climate. Striking summers and contrasting winters make this a top spot for a summer sojourn. Whichever of the isles you choose for your summer stint, expect temperatures to easily reach in the region of 30 degrees C during peak season.

Ibiza is known to be a clubber’s paradise. San Antonio attracts die hard party rockers in their thousands each year to celebrate in their mutual love of music and lasers.

Despite this hard earned reputation, Ibiza has spent a lot of time and made a huge economic investment into making the island more child friendly. Couples and young families should opt for Cala Llonga for a relaxing, rejuvenating respite.

Although there are calming resorts in both Ibiza and Majorca, there is no denying that Menorca is the most laid back of the Balearic Island holidays. Wherever you choose to stay, select a seafront accommodation and revel in the splendid shorelines and tranquil ambience.

Majorca holidays are typically the most family friendly and varied. From the 41 blue flag beaches to the marinelife centres, waterparks and wetland nature reserves, both Palma Nova and Alcudia are excellent spots for those with kids or teens who are looking for family fun.

Browse and book your Balearic Island holidays online for the best deals on Majorca holidays and more.


It’s not too late to save

As i was staring at the ceiling the whole day because i still don’t have my internet connection yet and i don’t have better things to do, that i should start saving now before it’s too late. This maybe an overdue moves but i think it’s not too late for me. I just realize that it is really difficult if you don’t have save money when things get tough these days. You don’t know where to turn to ask help or assistance because everybody is also busy and struggling to survive.

Every time i receive something i can’t help myself to spend it right away. We earn money to buy stuff that we want but sometime we still have to save a little for those unproductive days. So that we will not be going gaga every time unexpected situation or expenses arises.

I always told myself that i would surely save even just a little amount but i just can’t help it. But now, i have to control my expenses because it’s really hard when you don’t have anybody to help you with those things and why would anybody be responsible for myself. I should be responsible for me so i need to be more responsible in handling daily expenses. I know it would be hard but i have to try my bestest because this is for my own sake, wish me luck, :-)


About my father

Our father smokes but we keep telling him to stop smoking already because he’s getting old and we don’t want him to suffer lung problem in the future. He can still smoke but occasionally since my sister’s husband gives him cigar as a gift. The sister’s husband smoke cigar and keep a pack everywhere he went. So, every time they visit us here, my sister would buy my father a pack of cigar for him to smoke if he and his friends celebrate birthdays or just want to get together.


No more net and i miss it

Just the other day our internet was out again and this time I don’t know if I can still reconnect it again. I miss having my own internet at home and to think this is the 3rd day without the connection. I was planning to buy a broadband but someone’s keep telling me not to because the connection would be bad just like when the time when I apply the smart broadband. Being online is really important most especially if your use to having connection at home for almost 2 years. I just wish I will have my internet connection soon because using a computer outside don’t give me the privacy. People keep stopping at my area and take a pick of what I am doing and aside from that, I need to pay the hourly rates. And I miss watching online movies and Korean dramas and lastly, I can’t do my online thing and it keep me more sadder.