To add beauty in homes outdoor

Planting beautiful flowers, bermuda grass lawn to add beauty in our homes are one enjoyable thing to do, aside from keeping you from boredom. Making our home more beautiful and have that homey feeling is important. That is why we buy things and stuff to make it more beautiful and pleasant to the eyes. But what would be more perfect to add outdoor water fountain together with your beautiful flowers and bermuda grass lawn. It adds elegance and sophistication outdoor. Kids will love to play outside because kids love playing water. They say there’s no place like home and it’s really true especially if you know what the best outdoor water fountain to put outside is.


Boring whole day at the house

Have you experience that you want to do something important and can’t because your tire of nothing at all? Want to go out and explore the city or hear some gossip of something interesting about the world but you can’t because your just tire of doing nothing? Well, all these feelings are killing me since yesterday. I want to do something interesting but I can’t because I have the monthly visitors and it pains a lot when I do something. The whole day since yesterday was a boring day for me. Boring and starving actually. I have to condition myself in order for me to cook something and feed the pets. Wake up much later than usual because I can’t sleep because of stomach cramps keep pestering me the whole night. Pain reliever effect stays only a few hours and back to pain again. Even if I watch movies, it stills boring. Wishing and praying tomorrow will be different.


Ticks in the house

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Good thing I still don’t have kids who run or play inside the house because if even, they will be having scratching problem this moment. I have three cute dogs in the house and sometime I may not give them bath but I make sure they’re always free from ticks and fleas. But maybe I not that careful because the pets are busy scratching and some of that ticks are busy flying everywhere. I already clean the whole house and I let the dogs sleep outside until I can find a solution to that tick problem.

Having a pet really makes you a responsible person most especially if you love your pets and you don’t want anything bad happen to them. Me, I don’t like watching them scratch their body and I don’t want them to sleep outside either but I have to do it or else I will be joining them outside scratching our butts. Can you suggest a good remedy for this tick dilemma?


Been looking for this

I am not a carpenter neither a house fixer but I do know how to improvise if it’s really needed fixing. Just like the lower bookshelves that got busted when I clean the top portion and I accidentally step on it. It was my father who made that bookshelf for us and since I am the one who broke it, I need to fix it myself. Went to hardware and keep asking about this thing that my father use when he made that bookshelves. I know what it looks like but I don’t know the name of that thingy. Good thing the cashier shows me different types of hardware materials in fixing broken shelves, doors and drawers. It was a drywall anchors. Managing a house has it advantage also. I got to learn a few things about carpentry and carpentry equipment. All I have to do is borrow equipment that will make the drywall anchor works and everything will be back to the way my bookshelves will be.


The house is doomed

Rain keep pouring since yesterday and i don’t have a choice but to stay at home even if i need to buy something important at the mall. I can’t leave the house when heavy rain is pouring because of the leak in the ceiling. I keep complaining about this issue because i am still looking for a solution for this watery situation. Already called the carpenter for the quotation expenses but he is busy at the moment. All i can do during this time is gather all the buckets in the house and put it in every leak.

It would be a waste if the roof will not be fixed especially these rainy days because the floors are starting to crack. Just praying the rain would be over very soon. Its cold and insect again are crawling, i think they loving cold weather.