Prince Playing with the Kittens

This was before, when our cute prince still the only dog in the house that sleeps inside the house. We have other dog that time sweety but my parents leash her outside because she’s a big dog. And my sister don’t want to leash prince and let him sleep with sweety. I seldom walk him outside because I’m busy lying. He just play with this two little kitty every time he feels like playing.

He acts like a mother sometimes with this kitty.
Our prince resting after playing chase with the kitty but now he has two other companion and the white kitty died actually after a month.

The Sis and Her Two Pets

The sister’s working in Kuwait right now and your’s truly the one taking care of her pets, she’s a animal love.

Sis with her two pets, sassy the cat and prince the dog. This was last years photos and the cat was still a kitty that time. She already give birth two time.
The sister and prince with the dog’s very hairy hair. Now, I have to untangled his hair all the time. No money for grooming service so, I’ll to it myself most of the time.
The cat sassy. She run away few months ago because I can’t afford to buy her catfood anymore ;-(. She just give birth the second time around last month and when she run away she brings her kittens with her, well, except for the first two. The other one died and the one was with me and prince and my two other dog.

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Sissy’s Sailor Moon Look Alike Uniform

My sister’s been transferring to other (new store) store since she start working and this is the sister’s new uniform. Very sailor moon alike with the short skirt and all. The photo’s a little bit blurry because she took this on her cellphone. She doesn’t have camera yet but maybe a few months from now she can buy her new camera because she loves taking picture.

Love the uniform. (TGI Friday store Kuwait uniform) and I think she looks cute on her uniform, what cha think guys and gals? ;-)

Disconnection Notice Received for the First Time

Just received my first electric bill disconnection notice this morning and I was kind of scared because I/we never experience cutting our electric power ever. I was not able to pay our electric bill for two months and I thought it’s still okay if I pay it this end of the month but I suppose the cepalco (electric company) has new policy. It say’s in the notice that I only have 48hours to settle my account and after that disconnection of service and removal of kilowatt-hour meter will happen. If I remember it, before, I have a friend who always experience disconnection of their electric bill/power but he only received disconnection notice after 3 to 4 months of not paying the bills. I guess new year new policy right?

I notice some of the company now are having new policy in term of paying bills, just like PLDT and globe. Unfortunately, I have to visit the nearest cepalco office to pay my electric bill and ask if I can only pay the arrears which amounting to P774.00 because the money left in my pocket is P800.00 only and will just pay the remaining P645.47 this end of the month. I always received new electric bill every 1st week of the month, so, I really need to settle all the past account so everybody happy but again I have to wait for my sister’s money. I send my personal money to my parents the other day because my mother who’s going to Cebu this 27th of April don’t have a fare (according to her) going to the airport. Need to pay all the bills before another batch of bills will come knocking on the door.


Add Elegance to your Home

Being single doesn’t mean I have to neglect making our home beautiful with a touch of elegance. I admit I hate doing house choirs like washing clothes and cleaning, but I certainly love to make our home a homey and beautiful home. Arranging the furniture to make the house look spacious and buying home accessories to add more appeal to the house. Planting beautiful flowers outside to add beauty outside the house with an outdoor fountains on the center would surely be wonderful and nice if we have wider space outside. The fountains have a way of drowning out noises so, I don’t have to worry about my pets making noise or may nephews and nieces playing outside and most specially it adds more elegance to the whole house just by looking at the water flowing from the top of the fountain.

Making our home beautiful maybe not that tough a job most especially if you know what to do and you have the necessarily tools to make it possible.