I don’t know why people keep repeating the old habit that they want to change again and again especially me. For the past years, I was trying to avoid buying pocketbooks because I’ve been spending too much money on pocketbooks than buying food for myself. I was like this since I discover reading romance tagalog pocketbooks is fun and well “romantic”. I was saying before, I don’t find reading true life story in a book, I like more to read on fiction because I know only fiction happens those happy endings that I’m looking for. I know there’s happy endings too in real life but not the safe in fiction books and the story is way different than the real life. Now, I’m back to my old habits again and that is buying books even-though I know I only have enough money left for food and dogfood. I just hope I can manage my expenses the next few.


Useful Equipment

If you have a car, work is a gasoline station or have a fuel business, maybe owning a mechanical fuel pump or a beck arnley mechanical fuel pump is perfect for your everyday business use. A mechanical fuel pump will help you drawing fuel from a storage tank and forcing it to an engine and it will help you minimized or choose the given fuel depends on a great extent on the volatility of the liquid to be pumped out to the engine. In a gasoline engine the fuel is highly volatile at ambient temperature and a mechanical fuel pump will help you draw that fuel and get sealed to its tank after because a beck arnley mechanical fuel pump is design to keep you away from danger in handle fuel from drawing.

I don’t really know about fuel and the other things to do when managing fuel business but buying a useful equipment to a fuel business is really important. You need to be more careful in handling fuel because it is very dangerous especially if we know that fuel is very sensitive when it comes to fire. Just a small fire and everything will turn into dust. Even in our household, we have to be careful when lighting our gas range or anything that has fuel on it. We don’t have to be homeless just because we’re not careful in dealing fuel matters at home.


Sissy’s New Things

Purchasing cute things is fun especially if in a cheaper price and you can pay it for one month.. hehehehe

Purchase this at avon last week and in a very good price.
Floral wallet with no money in it but it is still a cute and flower wallet.

Spam: To Delete and Not to Eat

How I wish I am talking about the real spam here because I really need food right now but unfortunately, the spam I’m talking about is the ones that I have to delete in my blog. I love reading comments but I have to delete those comments that belong to the spam team hehehe, except for those comment that are accidentally put into the spam comment. For a couple of days I’ve been neglecting the spam comment and just click the new tab because I’m too lazy to delete the spam but every-time I neglect, the more number they become and I have to read it page by page because I don’t want to delete comments that is not suppose to be deleted.

I want to put something in my blog that will minimize the spam comment but I don’t know what it is. And I read some of those things in the group in FB but I don’t know how to do it. I can’t ask help to my sis because she busy these few months. Hmmm, I guess I just have to keep on trying to find that good tools for the spammer..


Photo Artwork

I just upload this on my sis laptop. I don’t really know where she got this or made this but it’s say befunky artwork. cute and funky, check this out. Photos of the three of us years ago in camiguin.