Present Ideas For My Sisters Birthday

I’ve been thinking of buying gift for my sister’s birthday. A birthday gift that is light and can be send across the country because she’s been working abroad for one year now. I ask her the other day while chatting on webcam, what she will prepare for her birthday and she just told me that she is still thinking about it. Last year, I give her a silver necklace pendant because of her necklace that don’t have pendant. So now I’ve been thinking and looking for present ideas for her that she will like it. And my mother also wanted to buy birthday present to my sister, but we just have to pick the gift that is not so heavy so we don’t have to pay extra when sending it to her in Kuwait. Hope we can find that perfect gift for her soon.


I’m Still Lucky

Ta’da! I won! I won!. Just like winning an award, this is so unexpected for me because I always join giveaways and this is my first time that I really won since. That was a year ago when my sister shahz won a purse of one of the giveaways we join and just recently her blog also was pick to received $20 or $25 something I already forgot. Since that my sister always won in giveaways and I don’t was kind of depressing sometimes but hey! I’m also the person to contact in claiming those wins, so the depressing feeling will automatically vanished heheh.

Now, this is my time to shine or rather, that was my time because the rafflecopter pick my name in My Lifes Journey In Focus” A $25 Valentine giveaway! and that was last month. And the sad and funny thing is that I just read it three days ago in my twitter, imagine it’s been one month already and I just found out recently because I forgot to check my twitter. I seldom open my twitter because I still don’t know how to use it. And I just open an account because for my blogs to get notice and also in joining giveaways and following bloggers online. For the first time in my blogging history ;-) and joining giveaways that my name was finally chooser to be the winner of the giveaway I kind of think that I’m still lucky.

So, I want to thank manangkim in “My Lifes Journey In Focus” because she said that she can still send me the price even if it’s too late and it’s okay to me if they pick another winner because it’s my fault because I didn’t check my twitter. I was just happy to learn that I won, it makes me think that I not really a total loser after all hehehe (feeling bitter). Thank you and hope I can join lots of giveaways and won just like this one. Yeheyy, now I can enjoy my $25 to buy books online. hehehe God Bless!


Always Checking Yahoo Mail

Since I try to focus on blogging, it become a habit to me to always check my emails every 5 minutes. Especially if I don’t have things to do or post to write. And even if I’m not thinking on checking my emails because I just check it few minutes ago my hand has a mind of it’s own and always go click the yahoo site and check if I have new mail on my inbox. Then I would be disappointed if I don’t have interesting email received. And most of the time my inbox is empty because I just check it a while ago. To think that I still have plenty of site account to visit. Just like a while ago when I open my Twitter account and found out that I won $25 on one of the Valentines giveaways last month. Is this favoritism or what? That I love checking my yahoo mails than my other online account! I feel sad when I read that message earlier. I could buy food for that money or do a little shopping because that is more if you convert it to pesos. What a waste right?

I enter and join giveaways because I was hoping I could win a few bucks aside from the fun of clicking the like button and follow button of FB and twitter. And also because I’am tempted to the price of a certain giveaways that are showing in my FB wall.

Maybe from now on I should try to check my other online account as often as I check my yahoo mail account so that I will be more updated in all the new tweets and giveaway winner. And make it a habit that after checking my yahoo mail I would check the other even if it’s disappointing to look the empty dashboard and all. Anyways, my yahoo mail always is kind of disappointing most of the time so what different does it make, right? In doing those always checking things, I would not miss anything if ever I won again to some of the giveaways I enter.


Imprison the House Pets

Our house right now is in need a lot of renovation, as in a lot ladies and gentlemen. When my father was here last month, he plan to repair the room floor and floor near our bathroom but the money he received from his DERBCI ( I hope I spell it right, his delmonte share or land in delmonte something, I’m not sure) is only a small amount. He expected it would be much more but he said some problem occurs but anyways, that plan was cancel due to that unexpected small amount of money he received.

Since, I have to take of the house and having too many pets will not help because their messy and always running around I imprison them if my I feel like I going crazy reprimanding them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my pets dearly but sometimes you just got to do what needs to be done when they became unmanageable. I didn’t trained them yet, so more often, they’re just like hardheaded people that don’t wan’t to listen to me.

Right now, they’re in our other room because I’m cleaning the house and I don’t wan’t them to running around while I did the cleaning and arranging stuff. The usual thing I do when I don’t want to be bothered with them while cleaning is letting them stay in our terrace but the Rottweiler is too stubborn to handle. He will run and push some of the flower pot and I don’t want our neighbor to get hurt because they always make it a habit in standing or seating near our terrace. And I really need them to stay outside because I don’t want the house to have more damage than it is, and even if I wanted to repair some of the damage part I don’t have enough money for it.

Renovating or repairing a house is not that easy when you don’t have enough resources for all the needed repairs.


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