Home Alone

Since I was little until last year. I never had a chance to live alone, I always have companion. Even when I went to college. My first year in college I live with my aunt in San Carlos, then when I transfer to Cebu I live with my sister and if my sister is out of town or having fun out of town I stay with my relatives. And when my sister flew to America I decide to resign to my job and come back to cagayan to live with my parents because my salary is not enough to rent the apartment we live in that time. And now or since last year I’m alone in my parents house with the pets of course and no jobs is not bad at all. Thank God for blogging, I earn a little for my personal needs and sometimes pets needs heheehe. And if I think about it now, I should have learn to live alone a long the ago, when the time I still have job so that I can adjust right away with my situation and getting married is not even a solution. Well might as well enjoy my being alone and learn from it, think of it as an adventure in life, what do you think?


Hiding From The Clingy Cat

As I was seating in front of my laptop checking emails and stuff. I heard prince little growling sound and I keep asking him what is it without looking at him and he keep that sound until I look at him at my back. He is trying to get away from the cat embrace hehehe. I laugh when I learned that that is why he keeps on making that sound to let the cat stay away from him. He hide under small chair so that cat won’t follow him under. And the cat is a bit thick face and hardheaded because he just seat in-front of that little chair and keep looking at prince. What a funny creatures, this cat don’t feel like an outsider even if I keep him outside the house most of the time and persistent too.

This is one of the photos I took with the cat(itnin) and dog (prince). This way price don’t want to get near the cat because the cat can be clinging most of the time when his around and to think that this cat is a he.. :-)


Need Repair

I’ve been complaining lately about our house needs repair badly because it’s really true. Not only that, I have to get rid of our old cabinet because most of it are already broken and fixing it won’t help either. I told my mother about the cabinet and other house repair situation and she’s okay about the idea that I will trow some of the old chairs and the cabinet, but my father is against it. I ask him why, he just said that he will hire a good repairman to fix the old cabinet and replace the broken glass and door with new one and replace the drawer with a heavy duty drawer slides as well as the drawer in our kitchen because it needs a little repair as well. And I can’t argue with him because he owns all the furniture in our house. I’m just the daughter who acts like a caretaker because I don’t want to live with them in gensan.

Now, I have to wait for that good repairman because the last time I went to their house to tell him about the fixing stuff he still has other jobs to attend to. I just have to wait for a few days before he can fix the broken furniture and more in the house. Crossing my fingers that it will be very soon because every time I see that cabinet it become a sore-eye.


The Cat getting Comfey with Our Prince

I took this last week, this cat getting comfy with our prince charming. I was kind of shock when prince let itnin (the cat) getting close to him because he doesn’t like to be near with my other cute dog. But this cat is has a lot of guts because prince let him sleep beside him. I was laughing taking this picture because when prince notice me he immediately scolded the cat. And I just pretend that I was busy doing something in the computer and take their photos immediately. hehehe.


Movie Addict

One of my pastime is watching movies online and this is what I like about having an internet connection because you can watch old movies you like to watch, but watching movies online has a disadvantage as well because you can search any old movies or new movies you want to watch, but mostly the movies I like are already been removed or I need to pay just to access that movie. So, mostly what I do when that happens I buy DVD’s so I can watch that movie. And it’s so happen, one of my friends has a friend that sells dvd’s and can give me discount for it. It’s amazing buying discounted stuff especially on discount dvds because I can budget my money. It’s cheaper and I can enjoy watching the movies I like not only online, but on DVD’s.