My Friday Fill Ins

And…here we go!

1. When it comes time to make a decision, I I always sleep first before anything.
2. Where hard headed pets that must be the rule . for my pets behavior.
3. Ma says, Stop biting that and they just stared and me, I need to sleep again.
4. Blogging at the same time cleaning the pets messy doings.
5. I never saw our white kitten again since last week, I wonder where she is, worried.
6. Telephone! not a new invention. Because our telephone is useless.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to comment all participants in Friday fill ins, tomorrow my plans include commenting to all participants in Friday fill ins if ever i got tire tonight and Sunday, I want to comment all the blog I know so they can comment back to my blog, really need to lower my alexa hehehe!


Keeping the House Clean and Neat

I may not have little children in our house to take care but I have pets who is more messy than having children. At least if you have children you can put them on time out and the next time they will be behave like you wanted them to be but if you have two puppy as a pet and your afraid to put them in a room for a time out because they might bite things inside is hard. Their the one who wakes me up every morning because if I don’t make sure that their poop are everywhere and most of the time if I just leave them alone when I wake up I will be encountering many poop all over the house so I really need to wake up early and just continue my self when all things are in order. I need to clean the house every night because that’s the only time I have water running.

Yesterday, I bought a Clorox for my cleaning needs. I wanted to buy the air refresher but I don’t have budget anymore maybe next time. I look for a chemical that cleans and removed poop and pee smells but the petshop don’t have a stock instead they suggested a vitamins for dog poop not to smell bad. I try that vitamins once with my dog prince but it was no use and I got tire of feeding him with that vitamins. Now, I have to watch them from time to time because If they not pooping and peeing the house they will be many biting of our component wirings and books outside.


Sleeping with Comfort

A person who sleep comfortable through the night can start a day beautiful, simply because that’s what individuals needs. People require to rest after the tiring and busy day at work or after doing house choirs. And when we say or talk about comfortable sleeping we must not forget the bedroom, bed and mattress particularly mattress. Which is why it’s very important to check the rooms if it’s big enough for your bed and mattress. When my parents moved to the house my brother give them my mother brings with them the old dew foam mattress they’re using, it’s not the same as the Latex mattress my brother is using but it will be enough for my parents while waiting for the extra Latex mattress my brother is planning to give to them.

My parents are already in their early 60’s and my mother always complains about backaches so I need to be sure they sleep comfortable during the night. I’ve been telling my brother to buy memory foam mattress for our parents if they have extra money, so they can rest comfortable while sleeping at night since they have new house. Owning a mattress that truly gives you the comfort you need like a memory foam mattress is a lot of work. Well, in my situation, I live alone so I would not be worrying about furniture’s and stuff. But maybe someday, I want to have memory foam mattress I heard memory foam mattress consist durability and comforts. It may be cost a lot but I know It will be worth it.


Internet Connection Restricted Notice Again

Last month i pay our PLDT internet connection early because i don’t wan’t to be restricted again in using that net. They have a new very strict policy, may due date is every 27th of the month and to think it wasn’t one month yet but they will give me an end of the month extension after that if still unpaid they’re going to restrict me in using the internet. But they give extension last month because of the typhoon sendong, then i assume that they will make another extension this month and even if i want to pay my bill i dob’t have money for it. So, last week i was restricted again, that would be my 3rd time since the day i got the new connection and i’m tired of going to there billing representative after paying in the cashier. But i have no choice of the matter because they won’t give another one month extension to their service. Thanks to my sister i got to pay the bills the other day, now they removed the restricted notice and i got to start do the updating of my blogs.

Next month i will expect another restricted notice again from them, but i will try my very best not to if i can. I’m really use to have an internet connection in the house, surfing online is my only happiness. If i want to clean the house my means of encouragement is watching movie online while cleaning my room and washing my clothes. hehehe, if i don’t have a net i will be sleeping the whole day.


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