Need House Renovation Badly

Before my parents move to Gensan, we already have a problem with our house. The first month living alone is fine, but our ceiling is not. I call my parents and told them about the ceiling situation and they sent money for the new ceiling, but the carpenter said he just put some remedy on it because the whole ceiling needs to be replace. Imagine how much would it cost for the whole ceiling replacement, but thank God it was resolve for the meantime. Then, when I went to the first floor because our house is a two story, new problem arises. The door won’t close and ants are living on the side and my parents and my room needs new wall. wher can we get money to fix for our house? My parents also have their own problem with the house my brother bought in gensan. It has to be re-painted and replace the ceiling and the drainage.

My sister is my only hope because if my parents decided to stay in gensan for good this house will be our house. The two of us are the only single and don’t have family yet and my parents don’t want to sell this house especially my father. My two brother’s been telling my parents to sell the house, but I object. If they sell that house where I’m gonna live, I don’t want to live with my parents anymore. Additional expenses and I want to try living alone see if I can endure the independent life.


A Nice and Unique Valentine Gift

Valentine is really near and I still don’t have gift to the person I love. I’ve been thinking about it since last year because I did not buy him a gift last year. I was short of budget and we decided to have a date instead of buying ourselves a valentine gift and I really want to give him a simple remembrance. I already give him shirts and useful stuff, this time I want it to be different. Simple and unique is nice right? Yesterday I went to the mall and look for that gift so that if I have my money I can buy it right away. I’m thinking of giving him bracelet or steel necklace this valentine. It’s simple and unique just like him. I’m already excited for that day to come and I wish he will buy me also a nice necklace for that especially occasion.


Friday Fill Ins

And…here we go!

1. Go ahead, there’s some dogs waiting for you inside, be careful ngek! .
2. Can’t you wait I’ll get that soon! Gosh.
3. Don’t worry, if I say I’ll get that soon, means soon kay hehehe, I’m busy with my laziness at the moment..
4. This stress should stop for the day. because it’s stressful and tiring dealing it.
5. Pretty much boring and lazy this day for me. Can I sing?
6. Are you not gonna come with me. To sing somewhere!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to release the stress, tomorrow my plans include cleaning the house and bath the pets and Sunday, I want to clean the house and clean the house. hhuhuhu it’s very smelly and messy because of the pets hellllp!

Weekends everyone!!!!!


Mc Arthur Park Christmas Lights

When evening, mc arthur park still looks like day time because of this Christmas light until now they still have this hanging in there, good thing because some of the victim of sendong are building there tent in the park. Happy Wednesday Whites to all!


Pets most stressful behavior encounter

When we first got our first dog prince I only remember the cute moments with him because he’s not very active like the two puppies I have right now. Prince only stressful behaviors was running outside if he has a chance, but if we call him he will listen and come to us, but unlike this two puppies right now Gosh! My head will go crazy telling them not to bite, chase each other all the time, even prince got stress out with them. I tried the tricks I got online about how to train you puppies at the early age, but what else I have to do to make them listen to me. Just this moment prince take a rest after playing with misha and conan, but the two are still running back and for. They even went to our bathroom and chew anything they saw. It is cute and nice to have pets, but I really need to train them listen or else I’ll go crazy with this two. The vet said that if I saw them biting things or anything that is not good for them I just always say no. At first they listen, but if I turn my back to them they back again where they saw that thing and start with the biting again. Stressful ever, from time to time I have to check on those to because if I leave them just a few minutes the house will smell and stressful to look.