New Member of the Pets Club

We have a new member of our pets club her name is misha. I know I been complaining about our pets especially the cats but I really wanted new pet dog for our prince, that he will have a playmate aside from our cats. My prince sometimes thinks he is a cat that he can jump and chase cats everywhere same as sassy. He even eat sassy catfood than his dogfood, so most of the time the cat will eat prince dogfood hehehe. And it’s find with me because cat food is much more expensive that prince dogfood. So anyways, misha is prince new playmate right now but most of the time prince will find ways to get misha out of his way because this little puppy is always playful and price sometimes I think get piss off when misha will star biting his ear and tail.

The left puppy is misha our cute little spoiled puppy and the one on the right is pow-pow, my sisters friend who rent a room in our house. I thought they name it bruno since she looks like a bruno to me..hehehhe. But I guess her daughter don’t like it.

And this is prince and misha eating together but instead eat the food that really meant for them but they exchange food. Like father like daughter because misha is eating prince food and prince is eating misha food how cute right. Misha is prince daughter with a dachshund dog, I wanted to get that puppy that prince look a like but I thinking about the fur and grooming so I choose this little gal because less fur problem.


Sunday Stealing: The Community Meme

Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. As a blogger, what do you draw inspirations from for your posts? Anything under the SUN.

2. If you could swap blogs with another blogger for a post, who would you switch with and why? My sister because she knows how to write good post and I don’t. heehe

3. If your blog had a theme song, what would it be? Why? Katy Perry’s HOT ‘n Cold, well that’s what I notice of my blog most of the time. hehehe.. sometimes it has lots of comment and on-time update but their are times also that nada.. nothing to post.. hehehhe

4. What is your writing process for a post? Read a book fist or do something to process what I wanted to write..LOL

5. Your blog requires a cute, new, mascot – what would it be? The Chipmunks… especially teodor or Ramon in happy feet..Cute

6. Do you feel you express your “true self” on your blog? Sometimes..

7. What is your biggest online pet-peeve? hmmmmm.

8. If you could live in a fictional universe, where would you live? Why? Willy wonka’s chocolate chocolate factory or little mermaid under the sea..

9. You’re having a bad day, you’re upset, you’re angry, or you’re sad – what is your go-to comfort? Go somewhere like mall or stay in my room thinking about it..

10. What is your favorite inspirational quote? It’s better late than never.. hehe

11. If they were to make a movie based on your life, who would play you, your leading lady/man, your best friend, and your rival? My rival i think..

12. Do you think the world is going to end in 2012? BIG NO… why would something like that happen, I think the world will never end because their are still people who try to save mother earth..hehehe

13. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? My attitude and out look in life. I want to be stronger and smarter ever,

14. What is your favorite season and why? If possible winter.. I want to experience snow..

15. You’ve been bitten by a vampire. Would you fight it with all your undead being or would you embrace it for all it is worth? f the vampire is Collin Farrel why not chuknut…

16. Have you personally met any of your blogger friends? Only one… I’m hoping many of them but I’m shy and I don’t know what to say if I meet them personally..

17. What does your favorite pair of underwear look like? printed…

18. Have you ever drank something right from the container in the refrigerator knowing other people will have to drink out of the same container later? Water and Milk..

19. What is your favorite word and explain why? Seriously… I like he sound of it…

20. 2011 is soon coming to a close, is there anything you’d like to do different on your blog in the year 2012? More creative post and interesting post hopefully…


My late entry..


Fright Night

I’m not very fun in watching horror movies but this movie is different aside from the fact that the vampire is really handsome and gorgeous LOL. You can’t force me to watch horror movie if I’m alone , If I think about the times when I finish a certain horror movie the answer would be NONE. Because after I watch I have a tendency to scare myself. But this movie I finish it with flying colors and a little complain. hehehe

A remake of the 1985 original, Senior Charlie Brewster (Anton Yelchin) finally has it all-he’s running with the popular crowd and dating the hottest girl in high school. In fact, he’s so cool he’s even dissing his best friend Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). But trouble arrives when an intriguing stranger Jerry (Colin Farrell) moves in next door. He seems like a great guy at first, but there’s something not quite right-and everyone, including Charlie’s mom (Toni Collette), doesn’t notice. After witnessing some very unusual activity, Charlie comes to an unmistakable conclusion: Jerry is a vampire preying on his neighborhood. Unable to convince anyone that he’s telling the truth, Charlie has to find a way to get rid of the monster himself in this revamp of the comedy-horror classic. — (C) DreamWorks

My late entry for Rell Weekends ….;(


Friday Fill Ins

(offshoot of the Boston Symphony Orchestra) play holiday music next week, so I thought we’d do a holiday song fill-in today! Don’t worry if you don’t know the lyrics, just fill in with what comes to mind, lyrics or no! Have fun with it! So…here we go!

1. Sleigh bells ring santa sing a song. hehehe (no idea).

2. It’s coming on Christmas, they’re cutting down trees illegal logging…:-).

3. You’re a mean one kid so no present from santa for you. waaaa LOL

4. Father Christmas tree are everywhere. :-)

5. Silent night holy night. yes! I think this one I know? right?

6. All I want for Christmas is you!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to set my priorities and do a bucket list for 2012 (hopefully), tomorrow my plans include buy food supply and more then review my bucket list for 2012 and Sunday, I want to go to church and think back what I do wrong for the past years ! waaaaaa help!
Laughing while fill in the blacks, hehehe ! I don’t know most of the songs so I just wrote what pop in my mind first.. hehehehe Have a Good and progressive Shopping for the holidays everyone…


BC Bloggers On The Moves Again

Time flies fast! Another link building for this December and for those who forgot or miss the chance in joining last November. This is your time to shine hehehe to build more link. BC Bloggers is again accepting participants.

Who should join? Those who want more blogmates, of course. And it really simple on how to join just Make a blog post inviting your readers to sign up here so why wait just join and be merry this Christmas with more links.

That’s it for now but expect more activities from BC Bloggers.