Speedtest for Internet Speed

I apply for smart broadband plug it, its fine with me because when I saw their advertisement and it was great and the monthly is cheap and it’s 1mbps but the sad part is only on its first day and the connection was slow as a snail. It only lasted a month then I unsubscribe again and I discover, well actually the smart provider told me about this, in order to know that they really are giving what they promise, speedtest.net is the solution. I can be aware wither it’s really a 1mbps speed or they just saying it so people will apply to them. Then I went back to our old provider hoping maybe this time they won’t be any NO Connection often. Only a few problems occur like billing and stuff heehe and I have a tool that makes me know why my internet connection went slow. You should try it and they even have a few suggestions how to make you connection fast online.


Exercise is Good

There can be no doubt that exercise is beneficial and best for us. Running or jogging is one of the common or regular exercise that I notice. But I think run or jog is not best to everybody, like my father he like to walk instead of running because he said his to old to jog and etc. Knowing my father his always complaining about stuff. But the most important is you should enjoy what kind of exercise you like doing. Doing something you enjoy is a lot different when doing it just for the purpose for it, because if you enjoy the types of exercise you’re doing, you’re most likely to continue with your exercise program everyday. It doesn’t matter if you like waking, running, jogging or going to the gym as long as you love, like and happy and enjoying doing it everyday with the healthy food intake you definitely be FIT and have healthy body and heart and stress free life.


Happy Birthday Sis

I just want to say A belated happy birthday to you weng, good heath and happy journey in life. Not very good with words thought but we love you.. hehehehe :-D

Sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship. ~Margaret Mead~


Fine Linens for Your Home

Woman are very meticulous when it comes to home matters. Thing that are necessary down to the little details that need to be decorated and fixed. One of those are looking for the best linens to accessorizes the things that are already inside our house. Sofas, dining tables and more to make our home more beautiful and homey to live in. What good is all that if you don’t have matouk finest linens. For homemakers that are ready to access to the world’s finest, most luxurious linens and for those who insistence on the finest quality as well as passion for luxury. As peoples lifestyles and tastes evolved and extended their tastes of lines to encompass contemporary as well as the traditional styles. And for those moms that still thinking where to look and buy the good stuff about making your home fresh and beautiful not just to look at but comfortable to live in, bath towels, Bedding, Bed Skirt, Blanket Covers down to the smallest accessories needed in our home are available for the taking.


The Heart of the Matter

As I was staring at my FB wall thinking what good article or post I would write that is interesting to read, then I notice a book just lying beside our laptop. The book tackles about heart condition and precautions that’s good for our heart. And I just read a post in my FB wall that one of her/his relatives die of heart-attack while working abroad and it is so sad what happen to that person. Today, we have to be more aware on how to take care and be careful with our health, especially our heart because heart attack is traitor, how can we enjoy life to the fullest if we just die without knowing we have heart problems, it’s not to late to take care of our heart. There’s no justice if you just die of heart attack and not with old age or some illness that you know existed in you, right?

It says people who are well-informed are usually health-conscious. They are wise eaters and cholesterol-conscious. They exercise a lot and don’t smoke, they know that a healthy body is the product of a healthy lifestyle. Yet even people in developing countries are victims of heart attack, a leading cause of death, mainly because they overlooked preventives care. Knowledge about heart matters brings about changes. It provides us facts needed on how to take care of our heart before it becomes too late for us to save it. People who are health-conscious, don’t smoke or use alcohol and are vegetarians are expected to live six years longer than the average population with only half as many fatal heart attacks. Why not start thinking taking care of our heart and live happy and die in our own time, so I will start eating healthy food, exercise and eat lots of tomatoes from now on, it’s the basic things to take good care of my heart. hehehe