Fun in the Snow

Vacation is very easy and never a problem with with my sister. Her husband love to go places as will as my sister. If they have plenty of time, it’s their way of spending quality time together as a couple, if her husband has nothing to do and on vacation from work. It is nice for people to have vacations as breaks from working on PHR certification. Last year they went to Utah to visit her husband’s relatives and it’s so happen that it’s snowing that time, they decided to bring their grandson for a short vacation and experience having fun in the snow since in Phoenix Arizona is hot and sandy. They went to a place where they can have fun and at the same time meet new people, they went snowboarding, skating and play in the snow as a family. And plan of visiting once a year and thinking of buying a snowboard rack and for the meantime leave it with their relatives house, so next time they won’t be renting and waiting for their turn to use the snowboard. Instead, they would buy one for their grandson as a gift and use it if they visit their relatives in Utah soon.


Friday Fill-Ins

My Friday fill ins and this time I’m on time in doing it.. hooray! :chic:

And…here we go! 

1. I need memory enhancer.

2. Thankful, lucky we were.

3. A great deal, I’m still thinking :ZZZ: .

4. Strawberry shake in a big tall glass.

5. It was announced, I never heard of any announcement at the moment. :eek: .

6. I don’t use steak knives for my steak, I use pork, it’s easy and simple. :cowboy:

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to find meme (monday to Thursday, Saturday) care to share if you any info?, tomorrow my plans include take a bath and go somewhere and Sunday, I want to do the usual Sunday mass but I don’t have money to pay for the fare.! :weep:


Being Prepared

My friend lives alone since he was still in high school, his mother and sister transfer to Cebu because of work and school. And since then had to learn how to budget his money and adjust to the new situation that is being alone in the house. He has plenty of friends, but most of them are busy with works and their own family. So his thinking ahead, like buying things if time comes when he decided to have a family of his own, but before that time comes he needs to buy a new mattress first because the old one are all reap-off and now I’m helping him look for a new bed and comfortable mattress along with it. I have few choices about mattress, but the most important is that mattress makes me feel comfortable and beautiful even if i am not the one sleeping on it, LOL. He is a big guy so we need a really durable, good for two people and that can accommodate his whole body as will as extra people possible and can last for years mattress. So I’m planning on looking for a company that customize mattress and affordable as will. He just started with his new job so he had to be tight in budgeting all his salary because he has monthly bills to worry and think about to.


MOvie Marathon

Yesterday I was not able to write anything and not even a visit in my blog. I’ve been busy downloading movies in our laptop so I could watch movies anytime I want. And also, my brain was not in good writing condition yesterday. So instead of hurting my head and suffer internal bleeding LOL, before, it was just a nose bleed, hehehe!. I may not be able to go to California to study film in one of their schools, but I still love movies. Anyhow, I continue downloading movies and watch them, if I find it boring, I will delete and look again for a nice romantic movie and download it again. And so far I download 7 movies yesterday and was very happy, I was able to watch Sweet Home Alabama, I already saw this movie but I forgot, then Morning Glory which is nice to, Bridesmaids it’s very funny and entertaining, I can relate somehow hehehe. And now I just finish the movie My girlfriends boyfriend and planning to watch it after I finish my other chores. I still need to buy viand for my father and wash dishes and swipe the floor and many more. Thank God I finish my laundry yesterday so I just wait ’till all my clothes will dry.



Our prince looking for some action.

I took this photo this afternoon while me and this cute dog prince watching and listening to children making some noise, and cut his fur near his eyes so he can see clearly.. And do some editing in him.. I called this “Prince going to a ball” LOL. I know some people who want to go to schools to become a vet tech because they love cute dogs so much.

He looks like mulawin on this one, a fantaserye in GMA. Not very fun of it though but I saw the movie twice in TV.

And after watching Ceasar Millan the dog whisperer, I try two tricks how to command a dog, make them sit and stay still and it woks,, this is how he looks like after trying it to prince. Love it, he just stay still for 2mins.