Sassy the Cat is Pregnant

Our 1yr old cat sassy was amazingly pregnant at a very early age, I really don’t know what the cats age that they suppose be ready to be a mommy but now I know because of our cat sassy my sister shahz stray cat is very much pregnant. I don’t know how many weeks already but her tummy is getting bigger everytime I saw her and she quit very fun in eating and sleeping to, I thought only humans have that but sassy is always sleeping and when she wakes up she will immediately disturb me with her very noisy mweo asking for food and thank God she eats dogfood because I have plenty of stock because of our dog prince who seldom eat his dogfood because he prepares leftover food. But after she finish eating and already sleep the whole day, at night she will be in our rooftop only she knows what she’s been doing and we just heard some noisy sound of cats then a thug afterward. Some time I will let her sleep outside because she has this habit of being a clingy cat, always bugging me in my sleep but when I saw her in the morning, she looks like a certified stray cat because of her looks, the white fur will turn into dirty white and have little wound or scratch in her ears and other parts of her upper body. So now, every evening before I sleep, I need to find her and wont close the door until she inside and safe with her suitor especially now that sassy the cat is pregnant.


Very Much Happy with The Current Internet Subscriber

Well who doesn’t want to have an internet connection and at the some time have a few channel in cable to watch, who else? yeah right ME. I really love this new internet connection we have, if I’m tire of watching movies online, I got to watch cartoon network, animax and lot of other cable channel in my laptop. I don’t need to subscribe to a cable and pay additional charge for it or turn on my TV which by the way don’t have another channel only channel who is available in the Philippines, like GMA or ABS-CBN. Now I have it all in my laptop, an internet connection and a TV channel in one, amazing right? . Who needs to go out or spend money for the movie house. I don’t. I sounds like an advertisement but really guys, I’m very happy to have this PLDT watchpad and internet connection. So my problem is the monthly payment, it’s a bit expensive and I only earn little money, not enough to pay the bills but this time I will try to make my self busy as a been searching online for some extra work to pay for it, for the meantime my sister shahz will be the one paying this connection for a few month until I’m ready and able to take the responsibility in paying the monthly bill hehe! and I think or rephrase that, we think it is worth it anyways.


Staying Late Again

Having a siblings who live in the other side of the globe is kind of hard sometime, when you want to communicate with them, to know if their doing good. Just like now, We just finish talking with my sister who live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and my younger sister who work in Kuwait because we have to sleep late because of the time difference and at the same time I envy them because they’re there and we’re here. Even if we wanted to talk with them in the morning, we cant because it’s already evening in their place. Just like the old times, I sleep late because I was bloghopping and updating my blog, now I’m back again staying late always, watching movies and chatting with my siblings abroad. My plan yesterday evening is to watch movie after checking my blog, and right now I’m still blogging and no time to watch movie anymore because it’s already 4 in the morning, my fathers chicken is already making their morning noises telling that it’s already time to wake up.


Useful Uses

When my boyfriend decided to stay in Cagayan, while his mother and sister went to Cebu. He is oblige to take the responsibility to take care of their house and all the other task like pay the bills and all. But when his water connection got busted and he can’t fix it right away because it will take few days to repair the damage and also he has to save money for the payment. And in order for him to have water for a few days while waiting for his water connection to be in good running condition again, we ask his neighbor, an old lady who live alone that if we can fetch water and was generous enough to lend us her barrel so that we can stock water for the following days but my boyfriend think of a easy, fast and useful solution to the problem and decided to buy braided hose, so that we he will not stock water anymore, we just connect it to their neighbors faucet for the meantime while his connection is under repair.

Now my boyfriend can water her plants and wash his cloths without going back and fort to get some water to his neighbor because he already has alternative idea how to make the scenario much easier to handle. He is really bless to have a neighbor like lola, I just called her lola because I don’t know her name,she is always their to help and it’s a nice thing to have meet a person like her, not asking for anything in return. God Bless you Lola.


Quick Services Online

Living here in Kuwait may seem harder that I thought because I have no family around. I would say this place can easily get affected by global crisis. Most workers like myself who earn minimum wage will sometimes dependent on a loan services so that we can afford to buy things we need like computer or perhaps send money to my family back home. I just bought a netbook. The plan was to buy a laptop but I don’t have enough cash for a laptop so I decided to take a loan and bought a netbook which is cheaper than laptop.

It was too late when I found out the check city payday advance loan. The first thing I did after I bought the net book was to browse online and video chat to my family back home. Anyway, I read from this one website that they give many services that is easy to choose and aside from that they have program that suits any lifestyle and offer good services. They have a quick service online that don’t need any hassle when applying for loan.