Cash Register

After I graduated college, I applied for a different job position while i was still waiting for the exam result that I took which is related to my position. In the meantime, I applied as a service crew in one of the fast food chain. At first I was assigned in a pantry area and as a food server. I never thought that when I renewed my contract my manager will promote me as a cashier. This position may sound easy but it’s not because it involves money. During that time also they don’t have good Restaurant System so I have to watch out closely that the sales will coincide with the money, pos receipt and auditing. When it comes to food service the cashier will be in charge to keep the line going. You don’t want the customer to hold the line. It was a challenge but sometimes put pressures on me.



Since our nanay ming2x (grandmother) health situation is deteriorating, my mother took responsibility in taking care of her for many weeks now, will except today and hopefully in the following days because she will have her Handmaid for Christ retreat this August in General Santos and she ask her other siblings to take care of our nanay for a couple of days. And if our nanay is here of course this little cousin of ours is present always, you can’t let this two separate because nanay will always look for her, even if she just went outside to play. And yesterday while we are resting in our balcony together with our pets sassy and prince I take some picture of her just for fun and I wanted to post it in FB for her mother who is working abroad to see her. And every time I say smile she always put her hand below her chin, all photos of her are the same, whether she will hold sassy or have a solo shots, hand always below the chin, just like mister Pogi. I ask her once to make a mcdonald post, she oblige but after 1 post back to old post again,.LOL


Prince On the Go.

Since his master left this cute dog, he is in my care for almost 3 months and he’s not been outside since, will because I’m a lousy owner , I admit it, just what happen with my pet rabbit, he died at early age. So instead of get bored and sleep, he will chase sassy and if he hears something in our roof, he will run and bark going to our little balcony and watch the cats chase each other. And this is how he looks like while watching them, this is for my sister shahz. hehehe!

While looking at the family of cats resting in the roof of our neighbor, since their house is lower than our, we have the advantage in seeing them below, hehe will except for our other neighbor who prevent us to see the light because of their fire wall and with rooftop house.

And finding the good shot for him, he looks like a prisoner.

And somewhere in this shot is the cats lair, If you look closely you can see the cats. Hehe, I’m not a good photographer and I only use my cellphone on this.

And this is him when he almost fell in the table trying to jump at the opposite chair just because he wanted to go to the roof and thank God I catch him on time or else he will be limping today.. Lol


Back Online

Today, I got a call from PLDT that our internet connection is now activated, we expected it last week because they installed it on Friday but they say it takes few days to activate it, and thank God its already activated it today which is nice because my mother keeps asking me when will she can be online because she wants to talk to her other siblings abroad regarding the welfare and health of their mother who is with us for a couple of weeks now, she’s been busy running around the house taking care of my grandmother and my 1st cousin gwen. I help her sometimes if i sees her beginning to get her blood high so that the house will be silence for a couple of hours hehe. And also we can get in touch with our sisters and my parents can watch their other grandchild abroad and hopefully this time the connection will be okay.


Dog in Kuwait

Being in kuwait for 3 months is really a diffecult time, its so hot in here, Super hot, i already saw what a sand storm look like, I did not experience rain like i mostly experience in the philippines. when i live in my first accomodation in Fintas 2 i got curious if there are dogs in this country becaues i only saw cats. ask some of the filipinos but they joke at me like the people who live here don’t like dogs, But when i was transfered here in Farwaniya i was shock when i saw this dont know if he owned by someone or a stray dog dipping his body in the water. Its so funny they also feel what we feel. I think if this dog can talk he would probably say why is this place so hot. Even at night the air still hot. But i still thank God for giving me the opportunuty to work here atleast i can send money to my family in the philippines and i can buy whatever i want and needs. :-) life is life its just a matter of how we deal with.. Like the cartoon movie “meet the Robinsons” Keep Moving forward!!! :-)