Fair and Glow Skin

Every woman wants to have a fair and glow skin. The word vain always associated to girls or women. As for me I just want to take care of my body and skin. Pampering ourselves is not a sin it’s just our way of caring to ourselves so we look beautiful and feels good everyday. I don’t apply anything to my face or use deadsea salt to achieve the the glow and beautiful skin I ever wanted. Although, I wanted to try it but I’m afraid it’s bad for my skin because I am prone of skin allergies. I know that time will come there will be a certain soap or beauty products that would match or fit to my skin needs.


Electronic Pickpocketing Awareness

It seems like new technology has also its negative aspect. It was useful before when it first came out and started but now that it becoming so advance it is also handful to us. Some are using this latest technology the wrong way to their advantage. When i was watching news there is this new way of pickpocketing using the electronic, emagine that. but it gives me relief when I saw a commercial about rfid on TV. I thought there’s no way that we can protect any of our valuable information specially our credit card,debit card and our passport. Now i really face the reality that we have to be careful in everything.


Mixed Thoughts

I have a boring life. Yes I do. What could be boring with a jobless 30 years old single lady who still live in her parents. I’m glad I live in the Philippines because kids are so allowed to stay with their parents even if they reach 50 years old or more. I mean this kind of lifestyle is totally acceptable in our culture. Another thoughts I am having right now is things I needed to do and take care with. I also need to buy fat burners because my boyfriend keep insisting to burn some of my unwanted fats. Not that he minds about it but as a gym instructor he is just giving advices. I really do need get a job but where on earth I can find one.

In addition to my rants, my internet is taking so long to get re install. But, just hang in there because it will be reinstall soon, that is what the person in the PLDT told me. As for my parents, i am glad they’re back in CDO because it’s hard to maintain their house and handle all the bills and stuff. My sister in kuwait so far she is doing great and been sending us money which is really a good help for us. These are just my thought today that I need to steam out.


What is Up?

What is up with me? Well, aside from not being online most of the time, I also busy looking for ways to get my internet connection back. I am glad that my sister in Kuwait have assured me to help pay the monthly bills. Right now I am using the cafe net and paid for an hour. I just want to update my blogs and checked for assignment. I got lucky because I saw star in my dashboard. Thank you $heriff, will try to do this assignment right away.


Imagine that?

Yeah! can quit believe that I’m still here in our neighbor’s internet cafe thinking what to write next. My brain is already drain, just now my sister keep complaining in my ability to listened instruction because she keep telling me to do that and I do the opposite, LOL what a shame, and lately my boyfriend always complaining about my behavior that I seldom not in my self. Maybe this is the effect in my boring existence, my daily routine includes talking to my pets or make fun of the cat sassy or don’t feed my rabbit and just stay in bed for hours until my back hurts and stomach, I eat when I feel like it or if my tummy really hurts then go back to bed to eat or play games in my sister’s laptop. And just now I notice my nails are dirty and I’m hungry as in hungry so I have to end this bubbling and go home and eat. Do I sound insane? I hope not because I don’t want to be the first in my family to have problems with the brain. By the way, thank you sis! :quiet:

I look insane in this, will sometime this is what I do with my pets, it’s my way of entertaining myself, thank God the original owner is not here to witness this. LOL. Just joking sis.