Hello Telephone

What a beautiful photos to look at, will not the children, it’s given that they are cute and adorable but the cellphone I’m talking about. Wow! all of them have one, I wonder if I could have one. I just saw this picture in my FB then grab it then post it in here so I can’t really tell who are they talking to, maybe this 3 are making a group call. Hehehe!

They sure have fun visiting their aunt jijie’s house. Justine very busy attending her business calls and Dallas having his don’t disturb me look I am busy and Jake will maybe talking to his agents.. Whahehehe!


Basketball as hobby

My boyfriend always have a busy schedule. Well despite of his busy schedule in the gym as an instructor, he still finds time ti play his favorite sport which is basketball. Imagine how tiring his job is, doing some weight lifting, assisting people in the gym and more. Then when he comes home from the gym he still playing basketball. Basketball is like our national sport in the Philippines. Men or boys in our place knows how to play basketball. And my boyfriend was one of the many guys that grows to love basketball and played this sport since he was little.

Anyway, he always talk about their game every time we meet and one time he complained about her knee and I asked him what happened, he told me that it got injured because he tried to do some slum dunk but one of the opponent team blocked him. My boyfriend has a a big and sturdy body so when he fell he hit his knee. That injury I supposed affects his regular activity in the gym. After that incident, he is very careful now over doing his regular activities. Ever since that incident, every time we go to the mall he keeps going to the sport section and sports equipment store to checked out for cheaper basketball knee support. I guess he has no plans of quitting basketball. What can I say, seems like basketball has been part of his entire life.


Quit Smoking

Why is it that most people that smoke cigars are men? That thought makes me wonder and it just came up to my mind recently. My grandmother used to smoke like a home made cigar. I think I call that home made because it is made of cigar leaf and wrapped with paper or leaf. She never gone to any cigar store because she doesn’t know any.

However, my dad is a smoker ever since he was young. He smoke cigarettes on and off but never succeeded in quitting. Well, lately my mom forced him to quit because of his health condition. I’m glad my father followed my mom’s order because I noticed that he gain few pounds. Both my parents are back home now from General Santos and I noticed his weight because I haven’t seen him for a month.


Rachael’s Apo

One of my sister favorite apo or grandson, I know she’s to young to have a grandson but really this is Dallas her grandson, I sound like a broken record right but really, LOL. Relaxing in the pool under the sun, what a nice way to spend his vacation, actually the two dragons of my sister are spending their vacation also together with dallas it so happened that they have a world of their own that’s why they’re missing in their pic, I know because I ask the parents lol.


Busy Online

I had to cut the recent internet connection because it’s just a waste of money I would say. Our place don’t get good connection easily which is odd because we live in the city close to the seaport. We’re supposed to get good connection but instead we don’t. Even the cellphone don’t get a full four bars connection. Anyway, I am thinking of having the landline connection so we can have good communication with my family in the US and my youngest sister in Kuwait.

As of now, I am sort of busy updating my blogs and writing review about apidexin. I am cramming because I only signed in for couple of hours and I need to get it done before my time expired. While doing some online task I am also chatting to my sister in Kuwait. My sisters in America are probably asleep at this hour. Well, busy online life which means more income to expect. So, wish me luck folks.