Cockroach and Eww Prince!

I was playing my tiki resort in facebook when i heard and saw prince chasing this poor cockroach, he bite it if the roach runs to save his/her life, i didn’t mind it at first but i find it disgusting when prince lay in front of me with the rouch on his mouth, its gross!!! i took him and i drag the rouch but i got away and run, unfortunate of the rouch it bangs on the walk so the rouch lay to his back trying to move. prince those this when he saw insect it is really their nature, its so digusting, i kiss and let this prince2x lick my check and hand.. tsk3x… though he just played it but he bite it. yuck! eww.. i brush his teeth after, its cute he just bite the toothbrush and lick the toothpaste…:-) this dog is so funny…


Sweet Home.

Its my ultimate dream to have a place where i can called mine, a place i can do whatever i want, I already imagine it, its a simple place with a simple and use full things inside it. i want it to be a two story place, the ground will be the living room, kitchen and dinning area, it will also have a bathroom, the second floor will be my private area, the bedrooms and bathroom also office space. i want my bathroom to have a bath tub and hot and cold shower. i also want to have a porch and backyard. but as of now its only an imagination and my ultimate dream, someday it will all come true. in Gods time, that most of the people now thinks specially those who have family and they just rent a house or apartment. to owned a house you must be stable financially. its true. but
new homes is the place you visit to know if its time to have/own a house, realty is really needed if you want to buy your own house, you want to move in a new one. or just wanted to have another one. they are the one who will give you privileges in saving money or if you want to upgrade you place. they focus not in their company but to Us buyers, they have expert people who can help and give advices opinions and suggestion of what place that is fit to the lifestyle, financial stability or that fits to your family. nothing compares the comfort in living in your own house.


Thinking what to do….

i wake this morning realizing that my life since my last job is a routine. i wake.up and then sleep, if there is a job posting, i applied then i was just being told that they will contact me for interview. i feel so frustrated because next year it will be my second year for being jobless.. i am desperate now to find and have job..



The games that kids and adult plays today is so different from before, now they most played those games that comes or created in the internet or by using computer which produces visual effect and more like your creating something that represent the player, its not like before that games is so simple and easy, now the games is addictive specially for kid and students, the games before is so simple yet it really sharpen your brains and memory, and even though you get addicted to the game your not wasting money. and student do not have to cut classes and lie to the parents just to play that type of computer games. backgammon is one of the old games the is being played, and now they do some studies by those computer scientist, they develop a software that will or can be capable to beat world class human player. backgammon sets one that gives me the interest, the truth is i don’t really know how to play board games, maybe i have to start to try to play this game. its very interesting because if i will try to play i have to use my brain for the strategy and the tactics of the game. you better try it if you feel what i feel, just click and you will be guided your not gonna regret it because it the oldest manufacturer of sports and games, it means it is good quality. i think it releases boredom you surely love it and it helps your brain to function well.


KEEP it coming sister…

last night my sister had her massage at Divisoria, she is complaining about her shoulder because its soar and it hurt so bad, and she keeps on telling me how he hate her workplace and of course workmate, she find them unfair and unreasonable, i just listen to her because i want to release her anger so that she will not feel frustrated. we ate burger and fries in jollibee thank God… hehehe. it also pissed me off the way they treated my sister.. it is really unfair that the mistake of her manager will be passed to her just because my sister is like her assistant. she demands and commands to my sister and she always thinks that she is always right and my sister doesn’t understand her instruction… i never thought that there are people like that.. she pretends to be nice but she back stab them… tsk3x.. i do believe that someday he will be punish….:-) i told my sister that she just smile and relax herself because she love her job…