Bathing my Pet!

Last Sunday, i bath our dog prince while my sister is washing her cloths, prince stinks because my father took him for a walk, he was so dirty of dust and he has many tangled fur, i keep on Coming him but he still have tangled, we treat prince as our baby, specially my parents since they don’t have their grandchildren in the house, this prince2x of ours is like a baby too, every morning he knows that our father will wake up at 6am so he is there at the room waiting and he will got excited because he knows that they will take a walk, he can play to other dogs outside. and of course he can poop. so back to the bathing thing, he was so sleepy, i coated his fur of the soap and the instruction said that i will leave it for five minutes so i left him in the sink, he barks because he is scared, my sister find it cute so he took pictures of in the bathroom.

after the bath we gave him treats the CARROTS he loves it so much.. he bite it big time,, we can hear how it crunch in his mouth with those little teeth.. hehehe..


Prince in bitch wear..

i took this pics of my pet prince last night, i just feel like dressing him. i find it cute, his reaction??? hmmmm he just lay down, she stare like he wants to bite me and he is not listening. heheheh


I Love Coffee!

Now we are more healthy conscious, we want that everything we eat, drink are good for the health and of course our body, most of people now are changing their lifestyle they are now more on vegetable, yogurt, milk that is non-fat, sugar free drinks, which is actually good everything that we consume now is more like a junk, so we better do those prevention, but as i watch this lifestyle program here in our country i discover that drinking coffee twice a day is good for the health, its is not just an anti-oxidant but it helps your system not to be stress. gevalia coffee pods is an online e-commerce coffee shop, they specializes coffee beans and the machine that can be used for coffee. this is good for business if you have plan to open a business, coffee now are more in demands as for business because people now are all busy specially those who works in the call center, who works for graveyard shift, or those who work 24hours. you should browse this one if your curious about coffee and how to make them, if you like to know about coffee. coffee can surely be beneficial.


My Sisters Frustration…:-)

When my sister jijie had her vacation here in Cagayan de Oro, she shops a lot.. specially cloths, the cloths here have nice design because the fashion style here now is being influence by the Korean fashion design so its kinda cute and cute.. hehee, so my sister loves it, there is this one time that she buy those blouses and she show it to my sister wiwing and my sister tryed it on then she feels like she is a model because i took her pictures, i just let her b.. and actually it really looks good on her.. i can say that my sisters are beautiful and of course sexy.. i am proud of them, i idolized them. hehehe.. heres some pics:

Its kinda blurred because i accidentally turn on the vibration.. hehehe.. she still loves it and she post it in her FB account…:-)


Ambitious Me

I want to have plenty of money, i wanted to go to the dentist because i want to whiten my teeth, i really hate it i have false teeth and its like started to make my smile ugly because it is so obvious. when every time that there will be picture taking i don’t smile its so obvious in the picture that my false teeth is so white and my teeth are yellowish. its suck, i also have this varicose veins, actually it spider veins. i don’t know when it came out i guess when i am still in high school, i am not that conscious about it. now i wanted to wear mini skirt and shorty short but i am to embarrass. i am full of insecurities. :-) hehehehe