Fashionable Miss

Here she is again, the little miss who loves bags and latest fashion. Just got the photos from the sister’s FB account. Cant wait to see this little niece in person. Here is the cute and fashionable niece.


Portable Pulse Oximeter

The device is non-invasive used to measure a patient’s blood-oxygen and usually worn on the finger or wrist. If you are a health conscious, want to monitor your blood and health always, this portable pulse oximeter medical device is perfect for your and for the whole family. It is easy to use and very much handy during travels or vacation far away from home.


Where to Spend the Holy Week

This holy week would be different from the previous holy week for me. I usually stay at home before during holy week and watch movies all day, but I think this holy week I will invite myself to spend it in my BF’s family. His uncle owns a farm and it so happen that his mother is here in CDO also to visit him. The plant is to go their tomorrow and stay there for 2 days.

Short History: Wiki

Holy Week in the Christian year is the week immediately before Easter. The earliest traditional church allusion to the custom of marking this week as a whole with special observances is to be found in the Apostolical Constitutions (v. 18, 19), dating from the latter half of the 3rd century and 4th century. In this text, abstinence from flesh is commanded for all the days, while for the Friday and Sunday an absolute fast is commanded. Dionysius Alexandrinus in his canonical epistle (AD 260), refers to the 91 fasting days implying that the observance of them had already become an established usage in his time.


Budget Friendly Sale

Homemaker’s or any practical folks wants to find and buy affordable but quality home improvement or musical equipment or instruments especially those who likes singing and belongs in a band. Redecorating our homes with nice and cute decors is a fun thing to do inside our home. However, the nicest and fun of all is to buy new musical equipment. A new karaoke player or components for instance to keep the happy family bond not only on special occasions but every day, but it would be more appealing if that includes a pocket friendly microphone or a microphone stand for sale for the karaoke player. Homemaker’s or even single woman like me can really have fun using those singing equipment.

My married friend and I use to hangout in this karaoke bar because they private rooms where we can sing our heart out and no one will stop us even if our voices is bad. Singing and dancing would never be a problem and we always want to use the microphone with stand because it is cooler. Too bad we don’t have one at home, but maybe I could give her one if I can find a budget friendly sale somewhere.


Planting a new plants again

If I have a chance to visit the mall, I always went to handyman store to look for a nice and easy to plant plants in that store. I already bought an indoor pot for the flower seeds I bought in that store but I believe I need to be more attentive and patients with all the planting and stuff. I really don’t know what happen to those seed I plant because I never saw it growing into a sprout. Hmmm, maybe it went down with the water! What do you think? It was my first time to try planting and I failed but they all said “try and try until you succeed” so I am looking for some seeds that is easy to plant and don’t need more attention if it’s possible. I really want to make it a hobby you know, planting and all stuff about house improvement thing. It would be a perfect pastime if you don’t have money or too lazy to go out.