Throwing some old house stuff

Finally, I made my second move to throw away some very old, rusty, and broken furniture but the question is! Where can I put it? Our neighborhood are not the subdivision type that we can just put the big stuff in the streets and the garbage truck can just pick it up. Our neighborhood are the one of those very little space type, as in all are little space and some of it are no space at all, in short I house is located in what they called it squatters area kind but not that lawful or something. Anyways, I finally find the strengths because it really needs it literally but I just stock it inside in the other area of the house. Well, its better to get started little by little that get stock in just thinking about it. All I have to think and do right now is find a person who can help me throw it out some place and everything in the house will be pleasant to the eyes and nice.


Little Miss Juleanne

Have a really fun time with the little niece in the mall. It is rarely chance to be with my nieces and nephews. We went to gaisano and buy her this cute polca dots kids blouse and white shorts. She really a smart little miss, she had fun making sounds of all the hat animals display in the counter. And the little miss busy buzzing around the kids clothes store with her bee hat in it but did not buy the hat though. hehehe


Cooking made easy with my New single burner gas stove

Of course, it would be much more wonderful if it were a two burner so I can finish cooking faster but I am still thankful and happy that I already bought a new burner. Thanks to my dear mother who is generous enough to gave me the money to buy the new burner. I can now good food and don’t need to go out more just to eat daily meals.

For the past months I have been eating in a fastfood and buy cooked food because I though it is realistic since I am alone. I only have myself to worry if I don’t eat breakfast, lunch or dinner but as the days and months go by I notice that aside from wasting my time going out when I can just stay at home and do some cleaning it is expensive and tiring going out everyday. I need to eat one meal a day if I want to stay alive and kicking would I! If I stock little food in the ref, at least I don’t have to go out everyday just to eat. I can cook it at home and enjoy my poor cooking (but planning to improve it) then rest after and do some cleaning or blogging.

I thank again my mother for my new single burner (again, it would be nice if it is the two burner) for giving me the money for it. I can finally buy some groceries and cook pancake using a frying pan and not the microwave.

Living alone is more fun and easy if you have complete kitchen stuff to accompany you in your independent struggle.


Create a Stylish and Chic Dorm

Tired of looking at the same decor inside your dorm every day? Release your creative side and redecorate it to have that stylish and chic dorm room that you and your friends can relax and enjoy. A nice and fashionable study and work place that you can call your second home while away from your real home is the perfect diversion for that homesickness feeling.

Party-goer can decorate their own accessories like their favorite rock band posters, a colorful lava lamps or party lighting to create fun and party ambiance. People who like to spend their time on technology can also be stylish in decorating tech toys, laptop, earbuds, headphones theme or accessories to their dorm room, a very technology-ish kind of way. And if your find collectible figures is more appealing why not go for it and see how those that works in a chic kind of way.

Redecorating or decorating your dorm room can be also a good bonding time with your parents since they’re are the one paying for all the things you need to redesign your room. You can even ask their opinion what wall art that expresses your personality or where to buy affordable dorm decor for your walls since they have more experience in that department.

However, if you want to find all that dorm wall decor and accessories in one place, you just visit, the online place where you can choose from wall dorm decor to dorm accessories and they also have decors for home improvement.


Parents Fun time with Granddaughter

Parents photo session with the granddaughter in Davao. Went to a resort to treat the granddaughter for a swim and then window shop in one of the new open mall, the SM Lanang.

Grandparents with the granddaughter…

Outside wave pool in D’leonor inland resort and adventure park with mother and niece.

Inside SM lanang in Davao City…

The lolo (grandfather) and niece..