Dreaming to be one of them

Budgeting my income is really hard for me to accomplish. I have been trying my best to be progressive in that department. All I could think about is buying those cute bedding’s, gorgeous cutlery and bathroom accessories. Furthermore, how can I buy those things if I don’t have enough money for it. I am just a simple woman that wants beautiful things inside my house and I can’t fully have them all because I still need to budget my small earnings for the electric bills and food and personal necessity. I envy those credit card holders because they can buy those things in installments and having cash would never be a problem anymore at the same time, the cash money is safe from mugger and thief. Maybe one day if I have children of my own, I would know how to budget my husband’s income or my income (if the husband is missing in action). Shopping would be easy and lighter because I only need a card that pays for all my family’s needs.


Relaxation inside the bathroom

After a very tiring day, a warm and relaxing bath would be a nice thing to do. That is why I keep wondering my parents did not put a bathtub inside our small bathroom, hehehe. Installing a bathtub maybe a bit expensive and a lot of work but if you think about it, it’s all worth it. Instead of going out and go to a spa, why not stay at home and buy lavender, lilac or any those nice and relaxing smelling bubble bath inside your own house in your own bathroom. But no luck for me because I we don’t have a bathtub, and our shower is all in ruins (lol). Been wishing hard to shopping my own personal bathtub, but I guess I have to wish harder and work harder in order for me to have that bathtub that I really want.(dreamy look)


Musical equipment and accessories for you

Do not be seduced by those cheap prices, big-box come-ons full of complete sets of musical equipment and accessories. You can never say that those are efficient and can last longer than a week. I am not good in playing instruments but what I know is once you taste the joy and fun that it brings. You can never go back to just listening to it. My cousins like to play guitar and because of that, they ask their parents to buy them an electric guitar and a drums set. Playing music is addictive as well but in a good way. So why not buy your magnificent guitar a branded guitar straps or a acoustic guitar humidifier to enjoy it better.

Buying our musical equipment cheap accessories feels like we did not value it that much. Branded things are more practical, so what if it is an expensive musical equipment, instrument, and accessories as long as it is durable and can last longer than those cheap ones that some stores offers. A more practical way to keep you music equipment well maintain and in good tunes all the time, and you can guarantee the efficiency of its quality.


To Buy or Not to Buy: which is which?

I was ashamed a little when our old gas stove burner bailed out on me last month. The shameless part was when my sister together with her two close friends decided to eat home cook meal/food than the eating in a restaurant, which was they always eat since the day they arrive in CDO. Our only option that time is to use our dirty kitchen that is literally dirty that time. Nevertheless, I was still thankful because I have some firewood stock in that dirty kitchen. I do not want that shameless accident happen again so I tried to fix the old burner but still no use. I told my BF about it and ask him to accompany me to buy new burner, maybe a single burner is enough because our old burner is a double burner. But he told me to wait because he has a two burner gas stove (from his mother) at home. He just need to ask some expert to double check it because it never been use since his mother move to Cebu many year ago.

OR Single????

(Photos not mine)
Because of the luck of budget, until now, I am waiting for him to tell me that I can already use the burner but maybe luck is neglecting me because I am still waiting for him to tell the Go signal. I really need a new burner because the firewood’s are all gone, and a firewood vendor is far from our house. I don’t want to walk around the neighborhood bring those heavy firewood. Using the BF’s burner is a big help to me because I don’t have to buy new burner, but when can I use that burner? And if I buy I have to adjust again my budget like the electric bill and water bill to name a few. Yay! Living alone is hard specially if you don’t have save money.


Dream Living Room

Everybody has a favorite part in the house to just relax instead of going out or have a vacation some place beautiful, which is a nice thing too. However, going to that vacation still takes planning and you have to saving because you just can’t leave you family and kids behind. Why not just stay at home and have a good time spending it with the whole family. Invite some close relatives, cook delicious food, and enjoy talking with them in your beautiful living room.

(Photo not mine) Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

And here is one of the best living room I found online. It is quit elegant and I love the color and the furniture itself. The furniture arrangement is perfect for the house.

The living room is one of my favorite parts of the house. Where I can watch my favorite noontime show, do movie marathon or just listen to a nice music while relaxing my mind and body. If you have a nice and very comfortable living room, you can relax more and enjoy the comfort of your house. In addition, most of all you can save a lot if you stay more at home than staying out always.

Our living room at this moment is not ideal for relaxing because most of our living room furniture is very old and rusty in a very bad way. Once or twice daily, I would imagine what kind of living room I want if ever I have money to pay for that wonderful living room. Most of the time I would search online or if I’ m out and just roaming around the mall. I always find myself going to the furniture section and envy that living room furniture that is perfect for the house. But hey! Who knows? Maybe one of these days I can have that dream living room, right? But for now, I am just happy viewing nice furniture for my future house (dreaming on and dreaming high) LOL.