At Home on Valentines Day

People are busy buying flowers, chocolates and other romantic things and dinner dates during the “heart” or “Love” day. Most couple is excited and maybe some just treated this day like other ordinary day, as I do hehehe. Couples and in-love people double time tweeting and posting love quotes, ‘V’ gift they received and other sweet and mushy stuff on their Social network account like FB (facebook). Who can blame them, right?

Most people spend their valentine’s day outside, but me, I just spend it with at home with my babies (pet dogs) and watch a lot of movie. Going out is appealing, but staying home is more comfortable and relaxing. I don’t want bumping those sweet couple who’s busy holding their bouquet of roses and other kids of flower. Anyway, I can celebrate the hearts day tomorrow, less crowded, less mushy people around and I can save money instead of watching movie on a movie house or eat in a restaurant. Staying at home gives me the change to cook fishy foods for my adorable babies and I can learn more how to cook using our dirty kitchen because I still don’t have a gas stove burner.


A Big Help: Going eco-friendly

We all know and notice about the changes in our environment, the sudden unpredictable weather, and other nature tragic events. It is a good thing not only to mother and but also in our home to those big company to support and be eco-friendly. It is necessary for us to buy groceries and other daily necessities everyday or even buying books once or twice a week. Buying those things the same time keeping, that plastic cellophane’s stuck inside our house are hard to dispose. In a way, those plastic bags really help us carry heavy stuff, but those plastic can also destroy mother earth, because most of our garbage that is hard to dispose are plastic.

Anyway, yesterday while buying a book a popular bookstore in the city. I was surprise when the cashier put the books in a recycled envelope, and the print is not the bookstores name but only a logo then it says: Reduce Earth’s Destruction; reduce reuse,recycle how surprising is that. For many years, I have been buying all kinds of books and schools supplies to that bookstore and that was the first time (personal experience buying to that bookstore). In addition to that, one of the most popular fast food-chair in the city is doing the same thing. They put the take-out food in a paper bag instead of the usual plastic cellophane their using.

I don’t know if there is a new rules or agreement to those businesses to use eco-friendly material to their products, because I seldom watch new since last year, but this could be a big help and improvement to keep mother earth safe and flesh again.


Living a happy healthy life

Most of us really love to drink and some of us are already hook to drinking without noticing it, well except for their close friends and family. It was a long time ago when I often drink with my office-mate and friends, but not to the point that I need alcohol treatment or anything. It is just that, some of us think that if we drink we can forget our problem, but I started to stop drinking little by little a long time ago when I decided to change my lifestyle. I learn the hard way that drinking is not that healthy for me, I only drink occasionally though.


The leak is here to stay

We often worry about leaving our house without locking it carefully to keep away intruders like burglars and stray animals. However, in my case, I am more worry about leaving the house because of the leak in our ceiling. Since last year, that is the one major problem that I keep complain to the parents. Moreover, we did everything to solve it. They did hire a carpenter for that problem alone, actually many times already in the past but it is still leaking back repeatedly.

December last year, the father just travel 12 hours from General Santos coming here for that purpose only. We already spend money to buy the needed materials. My father leaves CDO that time with confidence that the leak problem is over this time. Then, comes the unpredictable weather, the news said it is just a low pressure and not a typhoon even-though it feels like typhoon because of the non-stop rain and windy weather. I am also very at ease that time to leave the house despite the heavy rain, unlike before that I can’t leave the house when it’s raining because I am afraid for the house flooring to suddenly rotten.

However, my surprise when I come home that evening, the floor is very wet with rainwater. So I there for conclude that the leak is still there and we should need to change the entire roof to make sure that the leak would not bother us anymore. We just have to hire people to do all those and buy the material that will really last a very long time or maybe paint the roof. They said it is effective for raining season so the roof would not rot right away.


Almost, almost done

I keep saying that I am not good in household chores. I easily get bored and tired most of the time. That is why; I keep trying my best to finish my overdue laundry. I wash from clothes if I don’t have anything else to wear or if I feel like it, but most of the time, I am lazy. So to make the story short, some of my dirty clothes especially the comforters, pillow covers, towels and blanket are still dirty. And I have to do double time laundry work so I can start packing the things that needs to transfer to my parents house as soon as possible before I put “House for sale” or “House for rent” on our gate.

So far, I keep doing the best that I can to finish my overdue laundry. If I have extra money, I wash the lighter dirty clothes and pay for a laundry (if I have extra money) for the heavy one like the comforters and towels. I really need to clean, as in clean the whole house as soon as possible, so I can start decorating and arranging the furniture’s and all. Even if I am almost, almost done in my laundry goal this year, I am still happy that I finally got the time to do all those household things good so far.