Need to buy a new florescent bulb

I don’t know what happen to our house lately, it seems like everything inside the house is ruin and broken. It started last month when I accidentally broke the two florescent (the long types) light. Thank God I found a solution for the two accidental problems and all I have to do that time is to tell my parents about it especially my father who is very meticulous about our house electric problem. Then I would buy a new florescent bulb to replace the ones that I broke but to my disbelief, my room’s florescent bulb and the bathroom won’t light anymore. I just bought it few days ago but when I try the florescent bulb outside, it works like magic. I am not really good at electrical problem but I’ll try to fix everything than hiring an electrician. Then I just found out today the light switch of my room was busted. I try to fix it but it’s no use, it is still busted. I hate feeling useless these days. I don’t even know the names of the electric thingy I should buy to fix all the broken and busted thing inside our house.


Family First

Family is very important; they’re the ones who will always at your side every downfall and achievement we experience. There may be instances that we argue on something or don’t understand each other because of personal differences but at the end difference will just forgotten. I consider my family is my greatest treasure in this life. We find ways to help our family in any way we can. Give them special gifts that they will surely love and appreciates. Do the best we can just for them so if we have our own family, they will value it, just like us. And because I love and appreciate my family that much, I was planning to look for custom challenge coin for my dearest mother because she loves to collect any kind of coins. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old, coin, new or custom made coin as long as it’s unique. It’s a bit cheaper compare to my father watch collection. And if I found that unique coin, I just hope she will like it.


Feeling Like a Sloth

I feel like a sloth most of the time. You know the feeling that you think you move fast but the truth is you just lying in your bed and wait for something to happen? I hate this feeling but I always do it from time to time. Sometimes I’m ashamed of myself because of my being sloth like attitude (doing slow motion in everything I do) most of the time. What can I do, my body won’t cooperate what my mind wanted to accomplished. I am still in my general cleaning mode, meaning I only clean one part of the house per day. I really wanted to finish all my pending house jobs like the laundry, clean the three rooms and fold the old clean clothes. I just hope this will end soon because the special my mother will be visiting in the end of the month for my tatay’s (grandfather) death anniversary. I just pray the Lord will give me the strength and will to finish all my household chores right away.


All aboard for all inclusive cruises

All inclusive cruises are perhaps the most complete way to indulge yourself in an environment of pure and wonderful relaxation while meeting new and interesting people and seeing some of the most spectacular regions of the world. The benefits of booking an all inclusive package are clear enough and it will mean that you can leave any worries about overspending at home. There’s no need to overdo it in terms of eating, drinking and generally having a good time but you’ll have every encouragement and you wont have to concern yourself at all about the cost.

There are plenty of other package deals on quality cruise holidays that have amazing destinations on their itineraries but certainlyall inclusive options are always worth considering, particularly if you have a specific budget in mind for your next getaway. And paying for all your accommodation, food and entertainments ahead of your trip means that you might be able to enjoy yourself all the more and make the absolute most of your time on what might very well be an extraordinarily lavish vessel.

There are dozens of cruise ships and a good number of highly renowned cruise holiday providers offering discount deals on all inclusives during the rest of this year and in to 2013, and a little digging around online could save you some significant sums. Royal Caribbean cruise deals are always likely to be among the most popular given the company’s reputation as perhaps the best all-round provider of cruise holidays and the owner of what are certainly some of the most impressive commercial vessels currently out on the open waves. If you have particular destinations or a specific ship in mind for your next cruise getaway, there is every reason to think you can find a package deal that ticks all your boxes.


The Little Miss Boyish Look

This is our little miss Justine, the eldest sister’s daughter. When I first saw this picture I though its jake, the kuya of this little miss. It’s t she the cutest of all.
A fashionable little girl…