Europe and Beyond: Top 10 Adventure Holidays

The fabulous continent of which we are part of holds so many secrets and adventures waiting to be explored. Take time away from the humdrum and discover what Europe has to offer, or if cashflow allows, go all out and enjoy a holiday of a lifetime.

1. Lake Garda, Italy

Enjoy the available watersports holidays or climb in the Dolomites that tower behind Lake Garda. Spend a week mountain biking, giving you the chance to investigate your beautiful surroundings.

2. Lake Como, Italy

Paraglide over the lake and soak up the scenery. Take to the waters and learn to sail or head to the mountains on a walking holiday.

3. Zermatt, Switzerland

With the dominating Matterhorn, 350km of slopes, plentiful off-piste skiing and heli-ski excursions, Zermatt is perfect for winter sport enthusiasts.

4. Baqueira Beret, Spain

Ski and snowboard to your heart’s content, or try your hand at dog sledding, commanding your own team of huskies.

5. Geilo, Norway

Dine in a traditional tepee before camping in the winter wonderland. Have a go at kiteskiing, using the wind to propel you across the fresh snow. Catch the Northern Lights or join a husky dog safari.

6. The Inca Trail, Peru

Adventure tours start here. Explore the ancient ruins and conquer the Inca trail before the sacred Machu Picchu emerges. Trek through cloud forests and enjoy this once in a lifetime trip.

7. Borneo, Malaysia

Journey through the jungle and spend a night in a mountain refuge, before relaxing in the paradise of Manukan Island.

8. Tanzania, Africa

A perfect safari that is also family friendly, spend three nights in the Serengeti and jump aboard a 4WD to spot the majestic African wildlife.

9. Iceland

Hike in the Fjallabak region and gaze in awe at the volcanic landscapes or take a dip in the hot springs of Landmannalaugar.

10. Kibale Forest, Uganda

Catch a rare sight of gorillas in the wild in the breathtaking Bwindi Forest or take to the waters of Lake Mburu.

Whether you decide to head for faraway shores or stay closer to home, search online for the best deals on your unforgettable adventure.


Sick Sissy at the Other Part of the World

Busy taking picture of her sickly situation. She was absent this time because of her tonsils. Eating too much chocolate and neglect drinking water is a no no for my little sis. Well, she look entertain though despite her situation.
This is the medicine the clinic give her. I really don’t know if Kuwait’s medicine is the same as the one she usually takes here in the Philippines but I hope she will be better with the medicine.
And this is her with the medicine she has to take to get better. I was the one who suppose to be buying her tonsillitis med when her flatmate had its 1 month vacation here in the Philippines but I forgot to buy it and I just focus on paracetamol, ulcer and for cough and fever.

When working in the other part of the world is hard but it’s much harder if you get sick and you don’t have your family to take care of you. IT is better to buy medicine and all the necessary things you need that you thought you can’t find it in the other part of the world, hehehehe.


Busy Unlinking a Page

Before I was so eager to like all the page because I was still new in FB, and just like some of the wall FB page I visited I want to look my wall busy and full of post or advertisement and stuff. But that was a couple of years ago and I kind of notice that most of my family’s picture post in my wall are missing. Every time I open my FB I only saw advertisement and I only find out that some of my close friend or family posted a new picture I have to scroll down or click my notifications because it was all cover with all the post of that product I did like last year. And to still be updated in my close friends and family’s activities, I unlike some of the product or advertisement to clean my Fb wall and this time see new updates that I can relate about. Like new photos of my nieces and nephews, bloggers post on twitter and networkblog and more interesting article that would help me. Home improvement giveaways or money giveaways and prices that bloggers are posting. It would be nice to win some of those prices and giveaways for our house and some of the billings and I can only notice that if I have to clean my FB wall. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”


Play it Live

Who doesn’t want controller that gives real-time session feedback, can play it live, carry the features of Live to modern musician’s fingertips and multitude of functions with the help of mode selectors that transport you around the live interface. Having a party at home would be cool and lively and you can only experience these with the pro-audio, novation launchpad. Then, own a compact controller that designed to give electronic music makers of today the most interactive experience possible. Playing music will never be the same again.


Kikay in Pink

The little kikay is ready to pick-up her big brother jake in school with her cute get-up. A cute pink baby blouse matching with a pink shade and a sling bag. Very much ready to go out.
Posing for mommy, I think! hehehehe… Can’t get enough of the little kikay niece.
May be pretending to pose for a stolen shots? what do your think??? Its a bird, its a plane, no, its just justine the pinky girl… LOL