Keeping Children Safe Inside the Car

I always saw in the back of the car a sticker that says: ” Children on-board” may be they put that sticker so the car who is following it will be double careful in driving. But how do we really keep our children safe inside our car? I saw this article and think that it would be great to post and share it here to all the parents out-there.

Author of the book Guide to Using Seat Belts and Child Restraint, Dr. Andrew Wilson. A list of some important points that need to be remembered in keeping the kids safe inside a car.

  • : Children should be seated in the backseat. It is the safest place for children during travel.
  • : Do not put a child in restraint in the front with a passenger airbag; instead place it at the back seat.
  • : Do not put a child and babies sit on your lap in a ca; sudden brakes and swerves can injured an unrestrained child.
  • : Do not share seat belts.
  • : Newborn babies weighing up to nine kilograms (or approximately six months old) should travel in baby capsule or infant restraint.
  • : Babies nine kilograms and up should travel in a child car set firmly anchored to the backseat.
  • : Ensure that the child restraint and seat belt straps are fitted snugly (without slack) and are not twisted.
  • : Seat belt should never be worn under the arm. On impact, the pressure of the seat belt over the heart could cause a rupture aorta.
  • : Seat belt and child car seats reduce injured or possibility of being killed in a traffic crash by 55 and 75 percent respectively.

Helpful tip from the book of health and home.


Ten Free Things to Do With Your Kids

1. Playing catch or hide and sick.
2. Visit the playground in a nearby park or school and play with your kids and enjoy their company.
3. Visit the library for the afternoon with the kids.
4. Watching an old home video with them.
5. Make a scrapbook of old photos or magazines clippings.
6. Baking cookies, bread and cupcakes, your kids with love it.
7. Go to a pet shop or humane society.
8. Put up a play.
9. Visit a local museum.
10. Make a card or video for a faraway friend or relatives.
Doing these things to your kids help develop their talents, hobby and self-esteems at the same time be close to your kids.


The Grown up Niece and Nephew

Time really pass very fast. look at my cute niece and nephew all grown up and ready for school.

Cute siblings, holding hands while walking.
Justine and jake smiling at the camera…

Music and Instruments

I am not a musician but I dream and wish to be one, not very good and patient in playing any musical instrument but really love to learn especially the guitar, and even if I am not talented when it comes to music and music instrument, I still want to know the different kinds of musical instrument for personal awareness because you’ll never know someday, I will be given a chance to work in a store that sells music instrument, and also the fact that I love listening to music all the time. Even if I am in bad or good mode, music had that soothing effect to make me calm and think clearly. Not only the words but most especially the kind of beat a certain songs had.

That’s why composers, music artist, DJ’s and those who love playing and owning music instrument favor high tech instrument even if it’s expensive because of the quality. An instrument designed to be a powerful, intuitive controller for electronic-music performance artists, DJs, hip-hop producers and traditional musicians prefer using the Ableton Performance Controller because of that powerful and spontaneous sounds and beat made. And I would love to learn few tricks on how to operate that kind of instrument and maybe someday my kids would learn as well.


While Ransacking Friend’s House

I don’t have anything to do so I look for books or magazine while staying in a friend’s house. I only do this to my closest friends. I don’t want my new found friends to freak out if I ask them if I can look around their house to look for something to do. I was bored that time, so I ransack his bookshelves, and what surprises me is that he still has his fairy tale story book in good condition. I was smiling while scanning it because I don’t experience reading those fairy tales like Cinderella and Peter Pan. The first time I read or rather watch this fairy tale stories when I am already in my elementary days. He is already 28 and still has that children story book.

I think some children still like reading the story of Cinderella and Peter Pan even though most of the children these days are addict in playing computer games. If you ask me, I would still want my kids to read fairy tale books because of the values and moral lesson of the story and less on playing computer games. In a way playing computer games can teach a child to the new technology but only those harmless computer games and more on the old passion ways. Reading them before going to bed and buy them lots of books to read if I can’t afford to buy computer set. hehehehe