Education Pastime is Good for Children

Parents always look for educational games and pastime for their children because they want their children to learn the value of things and be smart on everything. They work hard so they can give their children good education. And I remember my sister and my niece and nephew. Every time my sister and I video chat, we always talk about my niece and nephew. And if my parents are watching, she always make sure that the video device always pointing to the children while playing and watching educational shows. My nephew is the one who really like solving and playing with puzzle and every time he finishes one puzzle, he will show it to us and we applause him and encourage him to do more good stuff.

The two kids already knows how to count 1 to 100 and how to sing the alphabet because my sister not only buy them money puzzle but also those small cards teacher in preschool uses. At their early ages, the two kids can identify numbers and pictures. Teaching your kids at early age and buying them education toys and let them watch educational shows has it advantage because when the time the child start schooling the parents don’t have to worry about their children having a hard time understanding and adjusting school lessons especially numbers and the alphabet.


The Parents Decided: House for SALE

Last month the parents still thinking if they’re going to sell the house that I living I or not but a few days ago mother called and told me to put HOUSE FOR SALE sign on our gates so that people will know that the house is for sale. And up until now I still forgot to put that for sale sign because I am too busy thinking where I am going after. My mother already plans my going back to general santos with my pets but I am still hiking about it. I don’t want my parents to worry about me anymore. And there still has plenty of stuff in here. The old wooden dining table, cabinets and chairs are still here, not to mention the plates, tupperware’s, beds, foam and other clothes they leave behind when they move.

So far no one is asking about the house because I only told the neighbor’s about the house being for sale. And they need a new house again because the neighbor’s family is getting bigger and bigger as the days pass by. I don’t know if they already bought the house beside them or just renting it. All I know that they need a new house and our house is perfect for them for the simple fact that their family is always bond together. And for those who are interested or still looking for a house to buy, our house is for sale. Hehehe…


Always on a Family Boding Mode

Ever since, we always complain about our neighbor’s behavior because of the loud noisy even if it’s resting hours already but what I like about them is that they always find time to be together with their family and relatives no matter how busy they are. Their house is not big but the grandparents of both sides are always there to visit and spend a few days with their children and grandchildren. They’re not that rich too but they find ways to go to the beach with their whole family (both sides) thrice or twice a month. They are really too loud and noisy and some of the neighbors don’t like that but at least their being true to their selves even if other people don’t find it nice.

The in-laws of both sides are nice to each other as well and even the uncles and aunts can play with their nieces and nephews if they wanted too, unlike those people I know that always hides their child so that the in-laws don’t see their grandchild and I keep wondering what their reason in doing it. It’s like they only want the father and child and don’t care about the family of their in-laws.

I personally know that there is truth about some in-laws not being nice with their son’s and daughter’s wife and husband (base on what I observe and not on experience, hehe) but not all in-laws are like that. There are still so many in-laws out there that are too nice and good for them. And I just wish my siblings could find that good hearted and God fearing wife and husband and myself too that always value family not only their own family but as well as our family no matter what status or behavior our family have.

And just like today, the noisy neighbors are off to the beach to celebrate their youngest son’s christening. The neighbor’s sari2x store is close and the two houses are empty, no noise but I am sure after the beach celebration they will continue it later in their houses and loud music and storytelling about their celebration is on again. The pets will be busy barking at them again because of their loud voices.


Waiting for Sisters Package

Few months ago my sister told me that she will send a package to my parents and since I don’t know the address of my parent’s new place, she uses the old address instead. And it would be good for me considering my sister’s taste of clothing and other stuff because she wrote in her email that she includes her old stuff in that package and a few vitamins for my parents and grandmother. I really am excited and the parents as well that they keep on asking if the package have already arrive but sad to say I am still waiting due to the LBC late on picking up the package to their house (that’s what she told me). And I have to wait 6 weeks or more. I just wish I don’t need to pay anything when that package arrive because I am still in my most tight budget right now. I don’t know when I can overcome this house budgeting dilemma. Hmmmmmmmmmmm..


New Purchase

Just because i don’t have anything to do while roaming in the mall the other day, so i bought myself a new nail polish for my nails. I use to color my nails when i was in my teens and late twenties but i get tire of it but when i saw some of my FB friends and bloggers busy coloring their nails, i was a little envy. And since i was in the mall so i buy these nail polish and cuticle remover. All i have to buy now is a new manicure set so i can start coloring my nails again. hehehe…