Self Perfection

We want to look good every day, so we buy clothes, shoes and accessories that will make us look good not only to other people but personal for ourselves. We buy skin products that would help us with our skin problem like pimples or dry skin. But not all of us are comfortable in using those skin products. Some women are just contented using defense soap because they have sensitive skin or they not use to using those beauty products.

Women or even men maybe vain when it comes to pampering oneself but the most important is we are happy and please with what we use to make us beautiful. It doesn’t matter if we use expensive skin and beauty products or organic and expensive soap as long as it won’t have side effect that will harm our skin.


Pool adventure with the niece

These photos are one of those few fun events of the niece that we’re included because now I seldom see that little girl anymore. She’s with her mother in Davao; I can only see this adorable little girl if my brother, who is the father, come home after his contract as a seaman end and that’s after a year or more and that was when he still visit our parents and he always treat his daughter to go swimming or shopping. But since the parents live in gensan and the niece in Davao, we often are together and visiting the niece is not that easy. I can’t remember the last time I saw the cute niece and enjoy her little antic and mannerism.

Good thing we always bring our camera every time we had the chance in meeting the niece. We love to take picture of us together posing and doing funny pose. The photo above was taken few years ago in one of the pools somewhere in igpit opol I think andcalled De oro saga tech resort. That was our first and last visit of that place because it is a bit far from our house and a bit expensive too because we have to ride a taxi going to that place because we don’t have our own car. I want to visit the place but I don’t remember the way going there anymore. The place is beautiful and big with all the trees around the vicinity even if the pool is not that big like some well know resort but still nice to visit and go swimming in that place.


Made the wrong move

Because i was desperate to have internet access, i purchase a broadband and i was disappointed because i though i can still use it at home. I should have thought about it carefully because i can’t return the device. I went to the tattoo broadband office yesterday to ask alternative so i can use the device at home because going out and do my internet in the mall or anywhere in the city is not convenient for me. Aside that the laptop I am using is a bit heavy the battery is not working well. I have to bring the charger all the time if I want to finish all the task, writing, work that day. I can only use the laptop for one hour. Just like yesterday, I went to limkitkai mall because the device don’t have signal inside or outside the house and I want to use the free Fb and surfing. I went panic when the laptop shutdown and then I remember it’s been one hour and I did not notice the time because I was busy surfing and looking at FB. I should have been more careful knowing my laptop don’t work perfectly and the location of our house is not advisable for broadband users like me. Now, I am here in my friend’s house because the broadband I bought cant get signal and the device works perfectly. It would be much much more wonderful and fun if i can use it also in my house with the comfort of my bed and all.

Facing difficult or simple problem still needs a lot of thinking because even if it simple it can still affect you. But sometime my impulsiveness is very strong than my mind.


Tattoo Broadband or DSL Modem

Since I don’t have money yet to pay for the internet monthly bill and it’s still disabling, means I can’t use the internet connection but the phone is still working. I don’t understand it at first and ’til now, i still don’t understand why they have to disable the connection but still charge for it. I already have money for that but I was thinking that maybe I switch to broadband instead. Anyway I don’t use the internet all the time only when I want to watch movie online and blogging. And that time I was not really happy with the service. The connection, the watch-pad and the telephone and now they charge me for those times they disable the connection. I must admit, the internet connection is fast if their system is doing great. But every time you have concerns about the watch-pad and telephone their office can’t solve it, I have to call their customer service and let them solve it but most the time I can’t contact the customer service because the line is busy, but when it comes to payment, their very strict and demanding about it. So I was tempted to switch to broadband, at-least in using prepaid broadband I only have myself to blame and I can always go to the nearest globe office if it’s not working or having trouble.

And I have to decide fast because I hate going out to rent a pc in a cafe especially now that the weather is bad. And if I choose to use a broadband I can carry it anywhere and everywhere but I should have a smaller laptop first because the one I’m using right now is a bit heavy and the battery can last only an hour and bringing the charger is not convenient as well. Do you have any suggestion, recommendation or ideas about it?



My family seldom goes out to have dinner in a restaurant or just bond outside. Where not like other families who always goes out when birthdays or even parent’s anniversary but we always go to church together every Christmas and new years. It’s a tradition and I know most families do that as well. It’s nice to have a family member to cuddle during Christmas because its cold and you got the time to bond as family. And after attending the mass the whole family would enjoy talking and exchanging thoughts and gifts. And stay in the patio to watch children caroling and the neighbors having their merry Christmas as well. Would that be great if the whole family wears the same custom sweatshirts then take a photo of the whole family as a remembrance. Something to remember during those cold but happy Christmas together because time comes, every member of our family will have their own family too or transfer to other places and all we could do is just call them during Christmas.