For a warmer house

When it’s cold, we wear heavy jackets, drink hot coffee and cuddle somebody to keep us warm. What if you’re not a coffee drinking and you don’t have anyone to cuddle and wearing think heavy jackets inside our home is uncomfortable. We always wear comfortable clothes inside the house because I do. What if all those choices are not available in keeping us warm inside our house during cold and rainy days? In every bad situation there is always a very comfortable and warmer solution. Shop for a modern and easy to manage fireplace in the house, a ventless fireplace for instance. It’s manageable and adds elegance to the house, a perfect warmer solution in a cold and rainy season.


During no internet connection

Ahhhh, internet connection, before, i was very eager to apply for an internet connection because i don’t like going to an internet cafe. It is a waste of money especially if the connection is very slow and the hourly rate is expensive. And you can’t finish what you’re doing online because mostly internet cafe opens until midnight and you have have to ride going home. It’s time consuming and it’s more expensive than having your own internet connection at home.

Finally, my eagerness payed off, my application got approve and was very happy and contented using my own internet connection. Days and weeks was okay then, suddenly the problem occur. The no internet connection is often appearing. We do the common thing we do when we don’t have internet connection right? Call the internet provider and report but the common answer to these type of question is ” we are fixing it now mam ” but still no connection. I can’t do anything about it, even if my veins are exploring in my neck. And if you report the problem to their office during payment because they’ve been calling you about your account balance for that month. The teller will just say “you have to call these number mam because we just accept payment blah blah”. You still want to argue with that? I think they’re program to answer only that and nothing else.

What can i do? I just go home and look for games that was already install in my computer and just play Plants vs Zombies and imagine those zombies are the internet provider. Then, i would forget all about it and when i feel bored killing all those zombies keep saying brains! brains! brains!, i would notice again the no internet connection and start dialing again for internet repair.

I went to gaisano yesterday to use a rented computer then got pissed off because the connection is killing me. hehehe.. I have to endure waiting for the site to load and decided to just check my FB and post my sentiments and it helpssss.



How can we protect our house for all the small pest like rotten, termites, ants and bloodsucking insect that are crawling inside our house. These insects are very lethal not only to our home but for us human as well. We clean everyday but not the area in our home and that’s when the insects love to stay and chew some woods and cement just like what I experience right now. I already bought a insect spray for all the crawling and flying insect but that did not stop them from staying and continue pestering me. Clean the house, change the bedding’s, curtains and all the area that needs to change and replace, I already did but it the same. My always scratch my body because it’s very itchy and I just notice the tiles in our living room was removed and a lot of ants are living inside.

Where can I find a very effective insect exterminator that can really wipe out all this unwanted visitors inside our house. Already tired of all those insects and I just want a nice and wonderful home to live in.


An additional shelves would be nice

If I am bored or just want to clear my mind of things. I always visit the mall near our place and make myself busy doing window shopping. And every time when am at the mall, I always stop by in a bookstore. I always go directly to the pocketbook section but yesterday, I was a bit serious in looking for cooking recipe and was not able to find a good recipe book. Then, I bump in this book about building shelve to make our home things/stuff organize. And since I was planning of ditching the old cabinet in my parents room because it was already useless. This would be a nice start for me to search for a nice shelve for my other books and new cabinet for my parents room. But I was focusing my thoughts in having additional shelve not only for the books but for my mother’s give-away collection as well. She owned’s plenty of those, christening, weddings and souvenirs in one small cabinet with mirror. And right now, all that little giveaways was stuck in a small cabinet with shelves inside together with some of my DVD’s and CD’s.

Planning to redecorate the house and make it more clean and bright are few of my agenda these few days and in the coming days. This would be my first time to decorate and really focus on house/home matters. I just hope I can keep it going for a couple of days or months because discovering how expensive those house decorative, cabinets and more makes me want to moved to my parents house again, aside from the billings and everyday necessity. I Just keep on praying and blogging to keep my mind of it ;-)..


Wishing for a new TV set

When the parents was still here living with me. We have four (4) TV, one 41″ flat screen TV which our older brother bought, 21″ flat screen which our second older sister bought then, the two old TV’s which belongs to my parents and our older sister. But the two old TV decided to retire and the parents moved to other city bringing the 21″ flat screen, then, the brother took the big TV. All that’s left are the busted TV’s. We already bring the old busted to the technician but it just lasted for a week. When my father visit the house a few months ago. He bought a small old (surplus) kind of TV and I’ve been using it for a few months now and to make the story short. That small TV is planning to resign any days now. I wanted to buy new television set but it’s expensive. Thank God I have my lappy (laptop) to watch movies but I cant watch teleserye though. Well, maybe I could plan to save money for that television set.