Fixing!.. Not again…

Now I really feel how hard it is to maintain a house and you don’t have the resources in fixing all broken and rotten stuff inside and outside you house. Earlier this year, I was worried because our roof need fixing and thanks to my parents because they send money for buying the roof materials. Then, the faucet in the second bathroom got busted together with the floor and thanks to blogging, I buy the materials to fixed it with the help of the special someone as well. I even planning to buy new tools in the house like a sharp knife, new plates, glass and more, but how can I buy all those for the house if I badly needed to fixed again the roof. I was confident that the last time our roof got fixed, it will give me a lot of time to save and then, I am would hired the same carpenter to fix the other rotter roof. But, for the few days its been raining almost everyday. The other part of the roof give up this time and it need fixing ASAP.

The other day, the rain was very heavy and I was surprise to saw some part of the ceiling are leaking also. I live alone with no job and no savings to spend during emergencies like this. I just call my parents awhile ago and told them about the problem. They’re willing to help but how can they manage to fix it as well if my father’s pension is only enough for their everyday needs. I crossing my fingers on this, thank God for blogging, maybe I can produce a little amount to pay for the expenses once the carpenter estimate the over-all cost on fixing the roof.


Sissy’s update photos

I seldom talk and chat my other sis for a few weeks now, maybe their all busy with their lives, family and work. I just look to their FB wall and look for picture of them. And this is what I gather. They look happy and contented. I love snooping around because if my parents texted me or call me, they always ask about my other siblings especially the sis.

Our youngest, she in Kuwait since last year, working her butt to save money and all, hehehe. I ask he about this photos . She told me, this is during their, some of her flatmate plans to take a break and go to the beach. And here it is. Sissy shahz during Kuwait beach escapade.
Well, what can I say about this photo of my other sibling. She looks really pretty in here. She spend a lot of time going out and enjoying vacation with her states friends. She live in vegas right now., enjoying married life and all.
The older sis with her family. Justine the youngest, and jake the oldest, then the husband. Happy family spending quality time camping outside in the open . hehe

Choosing the Right Kitchen Cutlery

Kitchen cutlery represents a major investment for anyone who loves to cook. Professional chefs take their cutlery so seriously it may take years to build a knife portfolio which will be used for the length of their career. While you may not strive for professional status if you enjoy cooking it’s a good idea to invest in top quality cutlery from a top maker – JA Henckels cutlery is a good example as they have been crafting knives sine 1895. A knife or cutlery set from such a company would be well worth looking into.

JA Henckels offers cutlery designed for both amateur and professional cooks and their website is filled with good information about cutlery in general and their own knives in particular. Regardless of knife maker the three factors to consider are materials, design and construction. While a one-piece stainless steel knife may be the choice of many professionals you may be well served with a good quality santoku style knife for slicing, dicing and mincing; it’s not always necessary to buy the top of the line if the quality and design are good quality.

The knives should appear seamless in construction with no loose rivets or wiggle room between the blade and handle as such gaps and imperfections can harbor germs and breed bacteria. A full tang knife is a better investment as the construction ensures longevity; there should be no rough spots or irregularities on the blade.

When you do invest in any cutlery it should be kept clean and dry – never place knives in the dishwasher regardless of how they may be labeled as the hot water and heat of the dry cycle can compromise the overall integrity of the knife. Professionals typically clean their knives with a damp cloth and dry them thoroughly before storing.


Rainy Days! Bad for the House

We already repair our ceiling earlier this year and have it check a few months when my father visited, but now, it leaking again and not only that, the air-condition is leaking too. It would be fine with me if the leak is manageable but just a few rain and all my buckets are not en ought for the leak. I just hope that it will not rain just like last year because I don’t know what will going to happen to my room.


Weddings with a Difference – Manchester

Whether you’re a football fan yourself, or whether it’s your other half who supports the game, having your wedding at the stadium of your favourite team could give you the wedding with a difference.

Although the day’s primary focus is the beautiful bride, we can’t forget the groom in the proceedings. If your groom is the biggest footie fan ever to walk the planet, or even if you’re just after a wedding different from the norm, ceremonies with a pitch as a backdrop would definitely provide a talking point.

At the Etihad Stadium, home of Premier League side, Manchester City, it would conveniently provide the something blue for your wedding day, since it’s part of the team’s home colours. Having gained the current Premier League championship, there’s no better way to celebrate the team’s victory than to have the best day of your life at their grounds.

With excellent transport links, a central location and a stone’s throw from Piccadilly station, your guests could arrive at your venue with ease. There are a number of hotels near Manchester City stadium which means your friends and family will not be stranded. With a choice of several impressive suites, Etihad’s function staff would provide a professional and efficient service to ensure your day goes by without a hitch.

Devour fabulous food from a range of excellent menus; follow it down with an accompanying wine and tantalise your tastebuds with a selection of tasty desserts. Relieve the stress of relocating between ceremony and reception venues by having both parts of the day in the same place. There’s even a choice of various packages according to your budget and your day’s requirements.

Whatever wedding setting you choose for your big day, remember the magic. Stand back, take a moment and make sure that the special memories can be imprinted in your mind forever.