It’s growing and bearing fruits

The last time I saw this fruit tree was still a knee high tall and now, it’s growing tall and already bearing fruits. It only has three fruit for the time being but who knows, maybe few months later it will have plenty of fruits and I can use it to make calamsi juice or mixed it in my pansit canton.

Calamansi or Kalamansi in Tagalog language is widely known in tropical countries like in Southeast Asia particularly in the Philippines.

Behold the calamansi tree, I’m not really sure the English term of this fruit, but it say “lemon” or “lime” in my little research. But I’m not sure of it. Well, it doesn’t matter what’s the english name of it, as long as I can make juices out of this fruit one day soon.

Aside from calamsi juice, it also have plenty of uses like, Condiment for food recipes ( mixed with pansit canton ), Stops stinky smell on fish, Skin bleaching agent (already done this before), Removes stains on clothes, Cleanses body dirt’s, Triple power underarms deodorizer (try it when I was still in high school, hehe), Fights body odor, Relieves cough (calamansi juice), Removes dandruff (should try this one of these days), Increase hair volume (and will try this one too).


Important facts about soldano hot rod 50

If you still don’t know why soldano hot rod 50 is one of the best among the best. It’s simple, because this baby is a stage-ready amplifier that delivers uncompromised tone and uncomplicated operation that most of you, music lover would amazingly love to listen and operate. It is a 50 watt 2-channel guitar amp head, with independent preamp and master volume controls for each channel and it gives awesome sustain even at moderate settings.

The flexibility to dial in all unique and subtle tones that you’ve been searching for in an amplifier. This baby features include a line level series effects loop, a slave output with a level control, a speaker impedance switch, and a channel foot switch. Just thinking about what this amazing thing can do, makes me remember my high school crush. He was so cool and gorgeous playing and operating his guitar that I would sometimes stalk him during recess and school hours, I wonder where that person right now and if he still plays the guitar like before.


The childlike in Me

Even if I’m already in my 30’s and people I know would expect adult behavior and matured things from me. I still can’t deny the fact that I still have a child heart in me. Maybe some of us experience the old games or traditional games that we always play in school and after school with the neighbor’s kids before. And kids today have different kinds of games and some of them are still fun playing with the old games (tumbang preso, bato lata and more) that the new generation slowly forgetting especially those who can afford to buy high-tech gadgets for their kids like the iPods and laptop but even the other kids that is not that well off are seldom play those old games because they can always rent a computer in a cafe and play computer games. And that is really normal if you ask for me, because even if we want to preserve the old passion way, we still have to move forward and experience and try new different things as the generation becomes smarter and smarter every year. And I also play those games that most children play today. The pants vs zombies, hangaroo and more.


Babies on the moves

I am still single and someday would love have to have my own family and most of all have my own children. I envy my other siblings and some of my friends and cousins who already have children of their own. They got to experience being a parents. I love children and I do not know why I don’t have children yet, maybe because it’s not yet my time. And if ever that happens and hopefully soon, I would love to pumper my children. Buy baby stuff like baby clothes, toys and uppababy vista stroller, we only want the best for our little ones right? Strollers are convenient and hassle free than holding the baby the whole time during vacation, shopping’s, trolling around the park or visiting the parents. and it’s perfect for babies and parents that enjoy to explore every now and then.


Parents are forever

Our Parents are always there with us through ups and downs, they may reprimand us or say something that would hurt us every now and then but at the end of the day. Our parents is the one who understand us and the who lend a shoulder to dry on. We build our own family but still our parents are always be there for us. We should treasure our parents and appreciate all the good things they’ve done to us ever since we were little because without them we were never be here in the first place. A simple than you and a kiss would feel them love and cherish….