Sissy’s New Style

At the mall….. cool right?

Who doesn’t like to wear stylish and cool hat but wearing hat in a place who’s not use to seeing people wear the coolest and stylish hat is awkward. When you walk or go to malls, people will look and stared at you because they’re not use to it. But if your in a place where everything is about being stylish and update in the latest style. Being cool and stylish is a plus points. My sister and I bought a hat same as the one my sis wearing in the photo but we just hang that hat because we’re to shy to wear it on public. People will look at us like we’re alien. That is why I’m happy and envy my sister because she finally wear this kind of hat in public without feeling weird.


Planning to Lose Weight

When all you do is work, eat, sleep then sleep, eat and work again everyday. The tendency is you will gain weight faster. And that is my delimma because I gain weight faster that I thought. Most of my pants don’t fit anymore I have to buy new pair again. I’m not really vain in term of physical appearance, but I want to achieve again the body I have when I was still in my high school. I don’t have to worry about fitting a pants or clothes because my body don’t have that excess fat I’m having right now. I already try working out and jog every morning and afternoon before, but I stop recently because of my work schedule. Some of my friends suggest apidextra weight loss pill. They say I can lose 5 pounds every week and keep the weight off. It would be great to lose weight that fast and I’m not against using pills, but there are so many weight loss pills that can harm the body and I need to be sure that it has no side-effect that can hurt my body. Losing weight faster is important to people like me who want to be fit again, but compromising my health is a different story.


Renovating The Gensan House

My parents are busy right now because they started to renovate the house my brother bought them last year. Only minor repair is needed but they decided to renovate the other part just in case for heavy rain. Changing the windows to sliding window to be more accessible and replacing the kitchen ceiling and the bathroom near the kitchen. My mother called me and told me that she and my niece was in the mall because the house smelled of paint and its bad for the health, so they decided to stay a few hours in the mall while waiting for the paint to dry. Renovating and repairing a house really needs a lot of preparation. The money and place where you stay during the renovation because they have to repaint the wall. That is why I keep thinking where can I get a large amount of money to do repair in the house here in CDO.

Paying for repairs and renovation was all from my brother. And since they only had little appliances there and they don’t have furniture like sofa/living room set, center table and other. The parents just wait for a little help from the other children to donate to buy appliances and furniture to the gensan house.


Photos on My Phone

Children very busy and having fun this summer despite the hot weather. The macajalar bay here in out little barangay near the pier. Aside from children and adult swimming, you can also enjoy counting the jeepney vehicle picking up passenger near the sea water. And you can also watch young adult playing basketball in the opposite side of the sea. It’s a busy hot summer in this side of the barangay..
Took this while I’m inside the jeepney. The driver had to stop for gasoline and I saw this busy street, why not took some photos while waiting right. Both opposite side of the street is busy. The children having a good time swimming and the parents watching them.

This happens not only on summer but almost everyday. That’s the advantage when you live near the sea. Have a good summer everyone…


Smelly Pets Due to Misguided Expenses

It’s been two weeks now since the last time I bath my pets, and I keep telling myself and the pets that I will give them bath everyday, but I always end up saying again that I give them bath the next day. The pets smells like stray dogs right now and I still keep cuddling them from time to time. My friends always ask me if I already taken a bath because I smell different (laughs). I don’t blame him, blame the pets hehehe. My shitzu prince always scratches his ear and my sister keep telling to give prince a bath and I just ignored her.

My plan is to buy shampoo or soap and conditioner first then I give the three pets a bath. I want to treat them special pampering for a change and not the usual “perla soap” and “fabric conditioner”. That’s we do if we don’t have budget for them and if we have extra we pay for grooming service. And because I was not yet fully ripe in budgeting my expenses, the pets are the ones suffering. I always forgot to buy them their grooming needs. Dog shampoo, soap, conditioner, comb and nail cutter for dogs. I always been dying to buy those things for the pets but I always end up buying the usual stuff I use for them.

Making my pets smell fresh and presentable is important because they’re the only one who keep me company since last year and they don’t really complain much. All I have to do is try to budget my expense so I can manage my everyday living smoothly. I just hope I can learn fast ;-(.