Website Builder

Creating a website is simple especially if you have knowledge about online and computers. Where to search online for possible website builder to help you start with your own website. A website builder is perfect for the beginners as well as the professionals. It’s so easy to use, all the things about starting a website, insert images, and drag-and-drop. You get amazing results when your website is built by using website builder, but don’t forget to own a computer set with internet connection so you can update your website anytime.


Where’s the Carpenter?

Last week our old ref got sold and the money will be use to repair the bathroom floor because It really needs fixing ASAP. I went to the carpenter on friday night because he has other carpenter job in the morning and ask him if he can do the job and he said he will come to the house in the morning to look quote the expenses. I did not go out yesterday because I really want the floor to be fixed and waited for him but night come no carpenter showing in the door. My parents been texting me if the repair has been done because they want to hire the same carpenter because they know the guy personally. I already call my mother and told her that the carpenter did not show up and I just go to their house later tonight to ask him again. I don’t know any carpenter here in our area so I have to stick to the old one. Hopefully he will show up this time so I can be worry free. I wonder whats keep the carpenter busy but who am I do question him, I’m the one who needs his expertise.


I Want One

Two years ago my sister’s friend took a two month vacation after working aboard for two years and have the chance to meet with my sister because she was visiting us that time too. My sister lives in the US since she got married a long time ago, so meeting her old high school friends are not really that simple and that time is a perfect chance for them to meet because they’re both in the country. They call some of their high school close friends and plan to meet in my sister’s rented house and catch up about their life’s event after graduating high school. Sometimes they tag us along with them going to the beach and some of the beautiful place they want to visit after many years working abroad, but time really run so quickly they have to go back to their working abroad lives. But before they parted ways my sister asks some favor to her friend since she works in a country that sells cheaper gold jewelry and gold chains that if she could buy her a gold necklace because she loves to own one and just last year my sister’s friend send it to her. I really love to own one just like the photo above, but I guess I have to wait a long time before I can get one.


The Good Thing About Reading Romance Book

Reading books is my most new pastime recently and it gives me more knowledge about stuff. I Love reading romance fiction the most not that I don’t like the heavy stuff books, but because I’m one of those romantic being living in this world ;-). Vocabulary and all that new words you encounter and you can’t help to grab a dictionary because you don’t know what is the meaning of that word. Between man and woman affair and all that romance between the opposite sex. I know most of the romance books has the same concept, woman falling in-love with sexy man or vice versa, but what I love the most is the chasing and intimate stuff that they have. How I wish I can meet a guy that exactly like the ones I read in my romance books. The type that is strong, handsome and the likes that a heroine always say to their man– that his oozing with sex appeal and testosterone level stuff. Too bad that only found in books and not in real life, well maybe if the real guy could find the best testosterone supplement somewhere. In real life too much expectation can only give stress most of the time might as well stick to the fiction reading stuff. If a guy comes, then that will be the day that I help him look and discover something worth our time for now I just stick to reading and enjoy the moment.


From Old Roots : Tips on Making a Family Tree

When everything in your life falls apart, our family is always there to give us shoulder to cry on or their way of giving us support and all. And creating a family tree is one way to bring your/our family together and have some fun discovering the generations that came before you and learning how their lives have helped to shape your/our family today.

Getting it all done on paper. The holiday are a perfect time to start while visiting relatives, ask them to share their knowledge, memories and stories of parents and grandparents, great aunts and uncles as far back as they remember. Capture on a piece of paper the anecdotes and funny stories. Each is a little gift that can be passed from generation to the next.

Making it personal. The tradition family tree is a piece of quality paper that has a drawing of a large tree and spaces where the names of each generation can be written on successive branches, but there is no reason to stop there. Many people use the tree as the first page of a scrapbook or memory box that contains all kinds of interesting letters, photos, keepsake, mementos and official documents such as birth certificate or marriage licenses or credential at school. To make it truly your own, add artwork, borders, caption or notes (whatever make it special to you and unique).

All the resources you need. While making your/our family tree, it’s nice to know that your are starting something that can grow and be enjoyed for generations to come and a simple reminder that family is really important no matter what. And also a big help to the next generation to know where they roots from and their ancestors from.