Family and Friends Bonding: Sister’s Pastime and Musing in Vegas

My sister been busy with her life since she got married. All the stuff about married life and having her own leisure time for herself. I don’t know what its like to be married or having a husband but seeing my sister having and looking at her beautiful and exciting photos surely make me think that she is happy being married. Looking at her photos with friends and family are a nice and beautify especially when she look happy and beautiful as well.

Having fun with the husband and friends.
Taking time alone in a sunny Arizona, reading her hunger game books.

I miss my sister sometimes but they have their own life now and family now to take care but no matter what we’re always be their if they need us.


Sister’s Little Angel : Beautiful Photos that is Worth keeping

My sister has two adorable children and quit handsome and beautiful as-well. We also saw and talk to them though online chat or videochat because they live in the US. My mother will just ask me to be online and look for their new photos and print it so she can put it in our photo album and some of it will be in a photo frame and display in our house. So, i look for a few photos of this little rascals and will print it later to give to my mother and send it to her after. A simple wish of a grandparents who seldom chat with my sister’s children.

The niece and nephew having a good time in the sunny day at Pittsburgh.
So cute, the brother keeping eye on the little miss in the park.

Keeping your family close together is a nice thing to do and memories as well as photos are worth keeping and make put it our family tree.


My Laziness Makes Me Sad

Of all the qualities that a person can have, why laziness is one of those and I’ve got it. I know we’re suppose to be the one making it not to be lazy but I’m just feeling lazy most of the time. Maybe for the luck of exercise or I’m just plain lazy. For once, I’ve been meaning to update this blog or my other blogs but the thing is, when I’m in front of the monitor I always say maybe later because I feel like lying again. I such a “I do it Later” kind of gal. Maybe I can call it writers block again just to have an excuse for being lazy hehehe.


The Ref Has Been Sold

Just this evening when the buyer of our old refrigerator come by to look at the ref and decided that she will buy it for the price of 3k (P3,000.00). My father was the one who deal with it last month and just today the buyer got the chance to collect it in our house. I have to clean it in a jiffy because the last time I clean the ref was last year and my mother keep telling to clean it because somebody will look if its in good running condition. Our ref is still in good running condition anyway even though the last time we use it was last year during my birthday. I’m gonna miss that ref but we have to sell it because it will just rot in the house because I’m using my sisters ref ( smaller one).

My father told me if the ref been sold, the money will be use to repair the 3rd room floor and other rotten floor in the house. I din’t told my parents yet that the ref has been sold because my cellphone don’t have a load and I tire going out to buy load outside. I just text them tomorrow and ask who will I hire to do the repairing stuff at home. I’m not really a reliable person when comes to looking for a person to deal with carpentry.


Money Loan

I was suppose to apply for loan last week because my parents need the money but found out that my mother needs to sign more that one documents. I just send it to her via 2go and advice her that if the documents where delivered just sign it right away and send it back to me so I can loan after 4 days because it takes two days before the document will arrived in gensan. Then, yesterday I received the documents and since I promise I go to the loaning company on Tuesday (is today) so just sigh the delivery form then go back to sleep (hewhehe).

I went to the loaning company this morning and so far got the money and send it right away to my fathers account. I only received haft of the loan because they wont allow us to loan money unless all the previous loans are close or paid. So, the rest of the loan money I didn’t receive was paid for the old loan and petty cash. Now, we will start to pay it next month, good thing my mother choose to pay it for 2years. There is plenty of time to pay it monthly and the monthly payment and interest are manageable. I just hope we can we can full pay it sooner than two years.