All Candidates Get a Trophy

One of the memories I cannot forget was during my 1st intramural when I was still in my high school days. Intramural are activities in our school that teachers and students must participate in all the sports activities and pageant organized by the school. That time I was just a 1st year high school student wanted to have new friends, but I found out my teacher has other plans for me. She forces me to join our schools Miss Universe Pageant. All sections from 1st year to 4th year must represent a candidate for that said competition and I was my teaches bit in our section. That time I have no idea about beauty pageant, but I don’t have a choice because my grades are at-stake. Our section must represent the country of Egypt, so I must wear Egyptian clothes and accessories, but we really don’t know where to get the costume. All we could to was improvise and the ending I look like a ninja instead of an egyptian. I didn’t won or even chosen as a runner up, but I still received a custom trophy cups and a bouquet of flowers as a consolation price, actually all candidates got trophy’s and flowers. That event brings back happy memories of my high school years that life is not always problems and struggle just to survive.


Tinker Bell, Sissy like it

My sister and I like to watch fairy tale movies, animation and all cute movies even if we’re really old for that kind of movies. We watch the latest Walt disney Animation movies like little girls and we sure love it. Maybe because, when we still young we can’t watch fairy tale movies on movie houses or TV because we don’t have TV that time and movie houses are really far. We might be to old for that animation movie but we still have child at heart hehehe. I already watch all the tinker bell movies and bought DVD and if I’m bored and I wanted to relax I just play it again and again on my laptop then I’m fine already. what can I do, tinker bell is cute and I’m cute too in my own cute way.

We all know about the story but I want to share it anyway, I know some of you already forgot the first tinker bell release. ” Believing is just the beginning” hmmm nice right? little children surely love to watch this over and over again just like my niece. The singing and flying and tinker bells journey as a fairy and we all know that tinker bell also is part of Peter pans story.

By the way this is the Tinker Bell, the 2008 computer animated film based on Disney Fairies franchise being produced by Disney-toon studios. It revolves around Tinker Bell, a fairy character created by J. M. Barrie in his play Peter Pan, ” The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up “, and features in the 1953 Disney animated film, Peter Pan and it’s 2002 sequel Return to never Land. Unlike Disney’s two peter Pan films featuring the character, which were produced primarily using traditional animation, Tinker bell is being produced using digital 3D modeling. This film will be the first that the Disney version of Tinker Bell will speak unlike the movie peter pan.


Delicious Cooking

I love to eat but I don’t know how to cook. Most of us, that is our problem. We love to eat but we don’t know how to cook that delicious food we want. The ending is we just eat in fast food and restaurants just to taste that food we’re craving, well in my parts that’s what I do. But what if we don’t have money to buy ready to eat foods, hmmmm been experiencing that most of the time. So, if I have time and somebody will volunteer to cook for me I surely accept it without blinking an eye. It’s not everyday you encounter people to cook for you right? I just want to share this few delicious food that one of my friend cook for me. I really have great time eating it.

I don’t know the English of this but we called it ” Kinilaw ” raw fish with some condiments hehehe. I don’t know how to made this so I can’t really tell how to make this dish but I sure love eating it. ;-)


Sad and Troubled

Have you experience dealing a problem that you think you know the solution but still hang on to that problem because there are also some unhappy consequences to that? Like relationship, if you feel that your relationship is not going anywhere or somethings bothering you but you can’t tell him or her about it because your afraid of something. The same goes with money problem, you have the money to pay the bills but if you spend all that money for paying your bills you don’t have anything left to buy foods and important personal stuff but if don’t pay your bills it will only add up in the following month. The outcome will be much worst because it double the problem your facing up every time or every month.

We all know that relationship and money don’t come easily. You have to put some effort in order it to work and be progressive. Lately, I’ve been having doubts about my relationship but that is not really important right and I need to earn money for my two months electric bill. This is what I got after all the savings and not thinking ahead. I should have pay my bills when I still have money for it. Now, I have to think of a good solution for it. I’m just hoping that blessings will come my way soon.


New Puppy again…

Got this new puppy yesterday afternoon, a gift from a special friend. I been thinking what name would I give in this cute black and white puppy. The previous owner named her “blacky” but this puppy is a she so I want to rename her because I don’t like blacky. I know she’s black but this is my puppy now so I’ll name her princess belle but the name will be change if I find cuter name for her heheh.

Princess belle: a shih tzu cocker spaniel breed. She is sweet and cuddle and the nice thing about her is that she want to be cuddle not like my other pets who like to chase each other than to cuddle with me. hehe. I know my sister would react if they see this new pet of mine but what can I do the puppy is free and cute. hehehe :-)..