Best in Uniform

When I was working as a service crew in a fine dining pizza house a very long time ago. I was awarded as the best in uniform in our branch. I was given a certificate that has a BEST in UNIFORM on it. My co-workers always tease me that time about that award and use the trophies that was displayed in our store. Pretending that I was given an award just like in emmy award and those trophies that’s displayed in the store is my trophy. It would be nice if they give me a trophy, it will remind me of my happy experience working in that store with those great friends. Too bad that store was gone because the mall where our store was located was included in the fire accident in that mall.

Those time really are so unforgettable for me. Not only I got my first Best in Uniform, I also experience having a friend that cares for me. And until now we’re still have communication despite our busy schedule and life since that day of the accident.


Must DO General Cleaning ASAP, but “Where to Start?”

I don’t really know how to thoroughly clean our house because I’m use to just clean only the area I notice and seen inside our house. My father even told me one time that if I’m going to be married someday, theirs a possibility that my husband will leave me (still single, no worries about leaving the wife anytime soon) because I’m too lousy in cleaning and cooking (laughs). If I recall correctly because that was a very long long time ago. My mother don’t really teach me how to clean our house (perfectly and exquisitely) or even how to wash our clothes by hand. I’m used on using washing machine and don’t give extra care if I clean our house the way it should be clean. As long as my mother don’t see the things or dirt that is so obvious inside our house and save me from her wrath, I’m all good.

But this time, I should and would really try my best to clean our house the way it should be clean. You know? as is perfectly and exquisitely because I’m having a lot as in a lot of red spot in my skin. Small insect that really bites to the highest level are I thin is already living in our house. And not only that, my pets also experiencing the same thing. I really really need to DO GENERAL CLEANING. I already clean the house the best I can a couple of days ago but still, the small creature is bugging and biting me all the time. Dirty clothes are still everywhere and things are still messy. To think I did clean the house a couple of days ago :-( :-(( :cry:.

I’m dying to clean (I thought)the house but the question is; where to start? The extermination of bloodsucking and skin itchy biting insect and clean the dirt and trow ways unwanted object. I been planning to do this general cleaning thingy a thousand time but always ends up cleaning only those place a visitor can see. Cleaning only the outside and neglected the very inside part of the house. The part where no visitor can see because it’s private or the part is very very hidden. I just wish I can read or somebody or some guide about cleaning. Maybe I can learn and follow instruction on where to start when doing general cleaning inside our house. DO you have any idea how to???? :alien:


Things to do in Sharm el Sheikh

When it comes to Sharm el Sheikh holidays you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s all about the beach. This may be a huge part of many visitors’ experiences, but there are plenty of other things to do besides sinking your toes into those soft golden sands.

There are numerous jeep safaris and hiking opportunities in the spectacular Coloured Canyons, or you could try something a little more traditional and opt for a camel safari for a true taste of Egypt’s heritage.

Then there’s ancient history. Egypt holidays are famous for giving visitors the chance to take in the sights and see some incredible ancient monuments. Sharm el Sheikh might be a fair distance from the pyramids but you’ll still find plenty of well-organised excursions to this world-famous site. See the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx and maybe even have time for a little souvenir shopping – it’s a long day but definitely worth it.

Other key sites of interest include Mount Moses – where Moses was said to have received the Ten Commandments – and St. Catherine’s Monastery located at the foot of the mountain, believed to be the location of the famous burning bush. A beautiful site especially at sunrise.

For something a little closer to the resort, Sharm el Sheikh is home to the glorious Red Sea. While this makes for excellent paddling, bathing and boat trips, it’s also famous for its diving and snorkelling opportunities. Venture into the protected Ras Mohamed National Park for incredible underwater scenery and to explore something akin to a submerged garden in full bloom, with vibrant sea life and dazzling corals.

When all’s said and done, this stretch of coastline makes for a perfect beach break. So find a spot, spread your towel and enjoy some serious R&R. After all, it’s what holidays here are famous for.


Changing Morning Routine

Sleeping late usually ends waking up late and this is my everyday life since I don’t know when. But maybe for some people sleeping late doesn’t have to wake up late also. It always depend to the person. If they know how to manage or discipline themselves. And in my situation, I don’t really have this ability. This thing doesn’t really work with me, I’m deprive of those ability. I tried to condition and alarm myself to wake up early in the morning to enjoy the morning weather but nothing happens. And even if I sleep early I always end up waking up late. The many months or maybe years waking up late it becomes a daily morning routine for me. And that would be a bad habit if I will continue this, not so healthy morning/everyday routine of mine. It will cost my pets eating routine and health in bad shape just like now.

Then lately I’ve been thinking of changing my daily morning routine. To wake up early in the morning no matter how late I sleep and eat breakfast for a change. I want to gain weight and waking up late in the morning won’t help me gain weight in the future. Of course I could always eat lunch and dinner but the problem is I’m too lazy to cook meals that time. I end up going out and eat in a fast-food. And they said that eating in a fast-food is not that really healthy and it is also a waste of money. Unlike cooking, I can budget my money and I can cook healthy food and cook food that I like. And eating breakfast is really good for me since lately I’ve been dreaming of food every night. Maybe put my phone in a very loud 6am or 7am alarm so I don’t have a choice but to wake up or really try hard to discipline myself. I would really try to wake up early and feed the pets and myself for a better and healthy future. “So help me GOD”..


Call Barring

If you hate someone. You do things that don’t help the situation your in. Turning your phone off or not answering the call or activate the call barring so you will not tempted to answer that persons call. Cellphone really help us to communicate with our family and friends everywhere we go and most of us can’t leave the house without our cellphone. If we like a person, we can always ask their number and text them or call them but what I really love about cellphone is the call barring. Yes! why? because if your hiding from someone because of a fight and you don’t want to hear or contact you. You can always activate your call barring and you can still use your phone in texting and calling the person you only want to talk too. Turning your phone is not really necessary. You just redirect that persons call to a number that doesn’t exist anymore. Cruel but what can we do, we need space and it’s a good way also to think things carefully if that person is worth a space in your phone directory or you need to delete that person and find a worthy and lucky number that’s worth your time and cents and unlitxt/unlicall. hehehe